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  1. Yes I got one today, same place. I had a chat with the Aldi manager as well, same response.I'm going to pay it at the " reduced " rate of £60.00 as I don't have the time to appeal and just thinking about it gets me so angry.
  2. Free greenhouse just listed in classified section.
  3. Sorry to hear this neeeeek. I've been broken into when living in London. Its more than the tv. The fact that people have assumed the right to break in and enter your property is just infuriating.
  4. Yes, heart of the home. There is always a good selection of beautifully restored fireplaces there. ---------- Post added 30-10-2014 at 07:59 ---------- For installation try David Slingsby on 07825711215
  5. Do any of you gas guys service gas fires ? I'm getting quite a few customers just moved in to a new house, don't know when the fire was last used let alone serviced. Thanks. Rob.
  6. Best of luck Pete. I hope you're feeling better very soon.
  7. We had the same problem in an Edwardian end terrace with three chimneys. Sealing the stacks with water repellent worked for us........ after trying everything else !
  8. There's a company that does a trip up the canal with pie and peas. I can't remember what it cost but would recommend it. ---------- Post added 25-02-2014 at 09:10 ---------- hmmm I think the boat was too small for 100 people though.
  9. Stack and store your logs in a log store that is protected from rain but open on all sides for the wind to get access. Buy a moisture meter, and before burning, pick a log and split it. Test the freshly exposed face and if the moisture content is 20 % or below it's good for burning. All dry wood is good fuel. You may get best results with a mixture of hard and soft woods. Make smaller hotter fires, refuelling more often as opposed to filling up the stove and turning it down.
  10. " Even seemingly reliable sources of information get this completely wrong." I have burned tons of conifer, seasoned to around 15% with no creosote build up. The Scandinavians (who know a thing or two about wood burning) burn little else without any problem....it really is down to moisture content.
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