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  1. Thanks for the suggestions and help. Amazingly (and I don't know how), but I tried again to update today, with an external hard drive (1TB), just plugged in before I switched on - not altering any commands, and after 2 hours it finally updated, with no message of insufficient storage. The only difference is the external HDD was plugged in before I turned the laptop on, previously I have plugged it in after receiving the message of insufficient storage. So for me, Problem Solved!! Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have a free lenovo ideapad 32 Gb storage with windows 10 installed. I keep getting the message that it is unable to install updates as insufficient storage space. I have an external storage device I use for photos, music etc. I have taken off all the programmes I loaded, it still says insufficient storage. Can anyone advise if there is a process, easy to understand that I can follow to do the update. I have tried looking on microsoft website and google search for solutions, but that seems to come up with people ridiculing the 32 gb, not really any solutions- so not helpful. Thanks
  3. The lathe is in the back of his van, he did mine at home, as I said he did a really good job as well.
  4. You can also try Simon at info@wheelmasterinc.com , just had two diamond cut alloys repaired where I had curbed them, excellent job, good price and a mobile service, I hope not to do it again, but I would use them again without hesitation.
  5. Hi ega95jch, I would be interested in French, I have been going to a group for a while, but would be interested in another small group. Perhaps pm me if you had any ideas.
  6. Doh!! Thank you, I've just checked on the BT wi fi website help and yes you do have to be a BT customer to access it - I didn't think to check their website as my phone was showing that it was connected to the network, so I was thinking it was a problem with my phone. Again, thanks.
  7. Some help wanted please. I've recently got a sony xperia M4 aqua smartphone, I can connect to my home network which is EE, to access internet with no problems. However, I am unable to connect to public free wifi hotspots. At home, the phone picks up a BTWifi-with-fon hotspot, which it will connect to, but as soon as I type in a webpage to search for, it tells me that the connection is not private and refuses to connect to a page. Whilst at home, obviously not a problem, but I want to use the phone when I am out. When I have checked out what could be wrong, google seems to direct me to the fact that the preinstalled AVG antivirus may be causing the block(the firewall). Having checked on the AVG website, I am no wiser as to the exact nature of the problem or what I need to do to rectify it. The operating system is Android 5. Would be grateful if anyone able to guide me
  8. Just to place a recommendation for Dan Campbell, did our flat roof 2 months ago, replaced it with fibreglass roof, did a good job, cleared the site, gave a fair quote for the work, charged what he quoted. Highly satisfied and would definately use again.
  9. Hi Barbara, The changeover for the phone and line went ok, but Talk talk put a tag on the broadband, which delayed the switchover of just the broadband for another 10 days. I dont really understand what that means, but basically I didnt have the b'band through that period, however I'm through that period of my life now and didn't need counselling!!! It works fine now. I swapped through topcashback, its usually a better rate for the end of the month, either £101 or £131 if you want fibre, otherwise it drops to £70 mid month. It tracked within a few hours of swapping. The 18185 site must have been unavailable temporarily when I posted on here, a few days later I registered no problem. For non BT providers they give you a different freephone number which is 08081703703. I have used it a few times, it works fine and I have not had any problems with it. Happy swapping. Ian
  10. The cost of home phone broadband is on the rise, I have just changed my provider to EE, through the topcashback site which will give me £100 cashback. I am trying to register with the sites 18185 or 1899 (sister sites) which just charge a connection fee of 5p per call and the call is then free. Every time I put my details in to the online form, it moves me to a near blank page and although there is an option to "go back" or "next" nothing happens! Just wondering if anyone else uses this service or is having trouble signing up to the service. I know, I should just bite the bullet and pay the exhorbitent call costs or buy an inclusive package at a grossly inflated rate, but and it is a big but!! I am a Yorkshire man and parting with brass hurts! Thanks. Update The reason I posted was because of difficulty registering on the 18185 site over the last 3 days. I have just tried to register again now and have been successful this time, I guess the problem was with the site.
  11. Thanks for those. Will be taking donations on Thursday.
  12. Hi Does anyone know of an animal charity that could make use of a bag and half of dried dog food (CSJ Feed), also some dog biscuits and some dog blankets. Unfortunately lost our dog a couple of weeks ago, but had a bit of food in reserve. Could drop off in Sheffield. Thanks for looking.
  13. The problem has been solved, the box is now working fine. The problem was that I hadn't altered the tv source button on my TV remote control. Why this should be any different than the setting for my sky + box I don't know, however it works so that's ok. Thanks for the suggestions on here though.
  14. Thanks for your replies. I've left the update for more than 10 minutes. I've got my old sky+ box back on now. I will try a full system boot tomorrow. The box is obviously communicating something to my television otherwise I presume I wouldn't get the initial message on the screen.
  15. The telephone line is connected, if I press services on the remote nothing happens because the picture is still snowy. The ethernet cable isn't connected but that would surely only affect the i player programmes, the problem is that after I get the initialising message and the message saying that sky is updating which can take up to 10 minutes, the screen then goes blank. If I plug my original sky +box back in, it works fine. So it would seem that I am connecting it up properly.
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