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  1. Fitkenlike, just to clarify your point, the Sheffield meltshop casts material for rolling in Sweden and Sheffield. The meltshops in Sweden and Finland have enough capacity, but so does every other manufacturer in the world. The ability to use the Sheffield meltshop is unique as it supports the manufacture of long products - eg. rod coil and stainless rebar. These are made in Sheffield. If the future for Sheffield was 'none' as you so say, then that wouldn't explain why we have recently opened a new stainless bar finishing facility on the Europa Link site.
  2. Hi swissheavy, I'm the Internal Communications Manager for the whole group, and have worked on the Sheffield site for over 2 years. On the Europa Link Site/Shepcote Lane, we have several different parts - A melt shop (SMACC) which is the building you see the steam coming from. A large yellow building - this is the Bar Finishing facility - here they do numerous things with stainless steel bar so that it can shipped to customers worldwide. Then there are 3 blue buildings by the M1, these are the Sales 'service centres', and they have processing machines in there which can do all manner of different things with stainless steel coils (like massive toliet rolls of steel) sheets like cutting, polishing etc etc. Then there's some office blocks dotted around too. The stuff you see on the trains are products melted at the melt shop. They could be going anywhere! The company as a group produces stainless steel. I hope this helps!
  3. I would be grateful for any advice you can provide. We have a thermal store heating system and the ball thing on the tank (see picture) is leaking. We have no idea what it is, why it's leaking and if we can get a replacement. It's about the size of a tennis ball and says Zilmet on it, but a google search is fruitless for this particular piece. Please help if you can Click here for picture of ball thing
  4. Lots of black smoke billoughing out but I was on Europa Link so couldn't see what it was, any ideas?
  5. There aren't going to be any extensions in the near future anyway. The money has been pulled to pay for the olympics!!
  6. They won't be affected. They have their own power supply, hence why they can get there during a power cut.
  7. Just rung the helpline, and got through! S1 could go down between 9 and 12 this morning, but is not guaranteed! Helpful!
  8. Sheffield station? Crikey. Can see the fire behind park hill. Anyone know what it is?
  9. There was a public notice in the star earlier this week about creditors and liquidation. Looks like they might be going into receivership.
  10. My other half's there working on it. Looks like they're in for the long haul. Will probably take them a good few hours.
  11. A word of advice... certain mortgage lenders don't like it if you use small solicitors practices with one partner (as a very local solicitor named above is). The practive contracts out some of the work to get past this loophole to another city firm! So they're not necessarily paying all their attention to your matter! Also, I'd like to point out that you reallly do get what you pay for with conveyancing solicitors. My pal has had to call Haybrooks to find out information on his purchase! They were the ones who told him that the sellers had sent to contracts to his solicitors. Small practice named above denied they had them. Poor pal had to make an appointment to see them for progress to get their shop for them to say 'I can't advise you, I'm not a solicitor."
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