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  1. I remember it used to be on The Moor near where Greggs is now. When did it move to Fitzwilliam Gate?
  2. Does anyone remember where the toilets were in the HITR?
  3. Does anyone remember if Schofields on Angel St. had direct access to the Hole In The Road subway? I know there was a ramp going down to the HITR from outside, but was there bassment level direct access? (Argos currently occupies this building)
  4. check out this SCR Tribute mix here: http://soundcloud.com/sheffieldbleep/scr-tribute-mix
  5. chri5


    Was great to finally see them live, Mr X was superb.
  6. they'll be back, along with the hole in the road..
  7. Yes it's free if you don't subscribe to or use the on demand services. I never use the on demand, the vision box is a great freeview box with a hard drive, bit like a sky+ box.
  8. toys r us seems to be the best bet for getting the eeepc
  9. I've got one, loaded Windows XP on it, it's a great little laptop. Bought mine from toys r us last month.
  10. If you can get it for free like I did then go for it. It's a great freeview box with a built in hard drive. Don't bother with the on demand stuff.
  11. But more than 2 consecutive days of sunshine and there'll be a hose pipe ban!
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