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  1. Just been on Look North reception for him at Sheffield Town Hall.
  2. There was a tribute played to Jimmy on radio 2 tonight around 7.20 played a record and said a few words about him you should be able to hear it on catch up.
  3. I think I used to drive the same make of vehicle a lot better when I changed to a BMW.
  4. Hard to belive so many young men gave up there lives to save others.
  5. chinchillas like raisins.did it have a sombrero on
  6. Can anyone recommend a puppy / dog training class either in Rotherham or Sheffield. I want to socialise my puppy as well as training him - weekday nights would be best
  7. put 2 freeview boxs in 2 months ago,both working fine untill monday this week.now both saying no signal,any ideas
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