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  1. Instead of making Aldi the bad guys, why not concentrate on the firms that offer a 0 hours contract?, theres plenty of them about.
  2. The recorded signed for label as you call it has to have the tracking number logged into the PO computer, so no you cannot just put extra stamps on the parcel with the recorded delivery label.
  3. Just had a look at this thread and nearly fell off the chair after reading this one. quote: Quite easily Jade Goody. Her facial features looks like someone has skinned a prozac addled pig's face and then laid the flesh over a semi deflated rugby ball.
  4. Do they work at weekends to be able to answer the phone ?, I know the other depts at DVLA dont work weekends.
  5. No you cannot call into the walk in centre at the Hallamshire, reason being, it is no longer there anymore.It moved months ago.
  6. Time to get a petition going, too many old buildings are being lost.
  7. To be honest I think it is now time to remove this thread completely.
  8. Of course you have given opinions, my bold. Post 28:That's very simple to answer. The lad had seen the police car a long way off, and deliberately waited until it was almost directly upon him before running out in front of it. I actually know the PC involved, but I've refrained from posting anything about it because - obviously - the case has been sub judice until the trial. What has mystified the people who knew about the case is not "how could he not be found guilty" but, rather, "how could anyone possibly think this should have gone to trial." There was never the slightest shadow of a doubt that he would be found innocent - no driver is expected to allow for people deliberately throwing themselves in front of his car. Post 54: I don't know who the _______ is in your quote; but the instructions to SYP constables flatly contradict this section. Police drivers are told to judge for themselves whether lights and sirens are necessary. In this instance, given that the sole intention of the student was to run out in front of the police car, sirens and lights wouldn't have made the slightest bit of difference. Indeed, very probably, nor would driving within the speed limit; it just means he would have waited a little longer before jumping in front of the car. Post 58: He's probably referring to the fact that Craig was given the job as a "priority response within 1 hour" call, but judged it himself to be an emergency. Many people are happy to assume that the police just pretend they were on an emergency to justify speeding after the fact. Post 60: Hard enough that they sent the case to trial despite it being blatantly obvious that he would be found not guilty. Even the student's own friends openly admitted that it was his fault and not Craig's. Post 95: I know all the details of the incident. I knew them before the court case. As I said before, what most legal experts found completely staggering is why on earth the CPS bothered to send the case to trial; it was blatantly obvious that no jury could possibly return a guilty verdict.
  9. Well that answers the question in post 101: not a colleague but a neighbour of a relative. So now we know why people think you have a bias opinion of this case.
  10. There seems no point replying with a personal view to this thread as you seem to have a vented interest in the case in question, I think quite a few forum members would be interested in how, and I quote your post 95: I know all the details of the incident. I knew them before the court case. Unless you had full access to the court papers or know the person involved how could you know the full details. Its quite clear that the C.P.S. thought they had grounds to take this case to court or they would'nt have bothered to.
  11. No this is not a wind up. It's a serious question that the head teacher has asked the caretaker at my local Junior/Infants school. The actual question was and I quote, Is there any way you can stop the leaves from falling off the trees. This is from supposedly educated woman, teaching the young and future generation.
  12. Considering the item was relisted just over 4 hours after the op won the auction last night @ 18.42pm the e.bay seller did'nt give the op much time to pay did he.
  13. After reading post 42 and the link, he does seem to have the facts straight so now who's wrong.
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