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  1. From the book (Alan Cullen?) there came the musical, which I saw in Sheffield a very long while ago.  I should very much like to use of few of the songs in that musical for a session we are doing at our Lunch Club all about Sheffield and its history.  I don't want a recording, but would like to see a copy of the musical score, so that we can sing some of it ourselves.  Does anyone have the score which they could lend to me OR the 33 r.p.m record  (and  some means of playing it?!)


    I particularly remember the song about the improvements in  sanitation and the water closet:

    "The pauper need not envy the monarch on her throne,

    with a bright new shiny porcelain contraption of their own." 



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  2. Thanks The Daddy and Crookesey.  My little problem has been solved in a very satisfactory manner.  True, there IS always someone who wants something that you no longer have use for. It's just a matter of finding them! Hurrah for websites like Sheffield Forum and Sheffield Freegle.

  3. I am decluttering, and wonder what to do with VHS videos.  I no longer have anything to play them on, and I know that no  charity shop wants to  take them.  Is there any useful thing I can do with them?  

  4. Thank you RollingJ and Mr Bloke for guiding me to two possible sources of help. "Autofill" seems to be what I am after. I have found meanwhile that if you click on the "To:", up comes the Contacts list, and you scroll down that to find what you want, and then transfer it to the "To:".  So that's better than nothing, but still a bit laborious.  I shall persevere. I always dislike BT's "updates", especially when I am sufficiently satisfied with what I have got at the moment.  

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  5. Thank you for your replies, RollingJ.  I had never head of the BT Broadband Forum before.  I looked it up, but see no reference to anything like the problem I have.  I do not know what to call the problem I have so that it will be recognised by the automatic sorting out device.  There must be a name for "starting to type in a name and then you get some possible names that you have in your Contacts directory".  Can you suggest what this facility might be called??

  6. Why have there been no replies to my post?  Is it because no one else has the same problem as me, or because it is so easy to solve that every one thinks there is no point bothering to explain it? Or because I haven't described the problem in an understandable way?

    I'd like to know the answer, if there is an answer.  Meanwhile, when I want to send an email, I have to type in the whole of any email address, having first  gone into "Contacts" to find what the address is, or having gone into a previous email from that person to find the email address.  Then I copy it down on paper since I usually cannot remember it. 

    Thank you.

  7. On the new BT email set-up, which arrived last week on my laptop, I type in the first few letters of the addressee's name, as I used to  - and now, nothing happens.   How do I reinstate the previous system, whereby the most likely email addresses showed by the "To:" and you chose the one you want.? As things stand now, it is a most laborious task.  

    Florence Kat

  8. I was hacked yesterday, and have since changed my password.  I find my emails in slight disarray (i.e. Inbox stuff landed in Trash, though I didn't put it there etc) but I am not sure that any new emails are now coming into my Inbox.  A little notice near the top of the screen tells me that my Auto-Forward settings were changed and that my email messages are now forwarded to xxxxxx@outlook.com, whereas my email address was previously @btinternet.com.  The notice tells me I can change this by going to setting - mail - autoforward.   Can someone explain this please?





  9. This is what the email is telling me:


    "Good news! We’ve moved your gas account onto our new system. You're now one of over 3 million customers who have access to our new-look online account.

    We’re really excited about the updates we’ve made so far. We’re still making improvements and we’ll continue to work hard so we can make managing your energy easier."


    I have now had another email looking rather similar to the first, but this time it wants a recent meter reading.

  10. Thank you, Ghozer.  It certainly looks as if it might be genuine. I get very suspicious these days of so many scams, especially BT phone bill ones.  If this is a new "improved" system, let's hope it works wonderfully well.  When the Post Office (sub-postmasters accused of stealing) and the NHS (thousands of letters not sent out) can go horribly wrong with up-graded computerised systems, you do begin to wonder what next....



  11. It's interesting to see a lot of variations on the theme.  Npower has told me nothing.  No new supplier has told me anything either.  I do remember in 2018, when I needed to transfer the account into my name, the response came up from  npower, oh we don't supply you with  electricity.  I asked who did, and why no one had told me of the change.  The firm was called something like Summer Breeze.  I asked to be transferred back to npower, which was done.  

    Since then I've been with npower - till now I suppose.

  12. As far as I my concerned, my gas supplier is British Gas and my electricity supplier is npower.  Last week I got three pages of letter from British Gas to tell me that they "need a meter reading so we can set up your account accurately before we start supplying your electricity on 13th October 2021." 


    Having looked up npower, I find they are now part of E.ON.    So what is happening? 

  13. Thank you for info and suggestions.  The phone may well be locked into EE.  I was only hoping I would be able to use this phone with Pay as you go because of the camera.  I suppose a camera on the Klah is better than no camera at all!  As for tariffs, I'll have to get the up to date details.


    I think I shall have to get into the city centre and ask the right questions.

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