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  1. Like said earlier every post code has good and bad areas, can some one tell me, the good and bad places of nether Edge.
  2. Can anyone tell me how is netherEdge? easily reachable to Terry St, Sheffield, S9 2BU, UK.???
  3. ok, can you just give me some site from where i can find tram/bus routes to my office.
  4. Thanks a lot kidley, Well hopefully i enjoy my stay in Sheffield(The greenest part of UK as i heard). I will look out for p[laces near Minor top & Hillsborough for now. i saw some pics of Norton in Google Map it looks lovely.
  5. Thanks Kidley, Welli could see, you stay in Manor Top area,if i am not wrong, hopefully it has good transporatation to my office.
  6. Well Kidley, in india we have lot of casts, however i belong to a cast that follows hinduism.
  7. HillsBourough seem to be good place? is int it?
  8. I belong to a cast called Hinduism, i dont have issues staying with Englishmen, down to earth Yorkshire people. I am not the one, to be recognized for my bad deeds. Hope that gives you an enough hint.
  9. Ok let me put it like this, i am looking for house 1 bed or 2 bed room, withing the range of 450 to 550, Pounds, with easy access to trams, trains, i dont care if its near to Motorways, but a decent locality for a family, i am not really after a city life. Well i know i have to make some initial compromises, for now safety far most important for me.
  10. Oh well, then according to you which is the best place to live(family,couple) to reach office located at Terry St, Sheffield, S9 2BU, UK.
  11. So Hillsborough, Norton, Woodseats and Meersbrook etc, hope they have a good transportation link to Terry St, Sheffield, S9 2BU, UK.
  12. I am considering Hillsborough, Norton, Woodseats and Meersbrook (could be DronField) and my office is located at Terry St, Sheffield, S9 2BU, UK. What please provide your comments.
  13. Hi tong, Dronfield seem to be good option , though i dont want to spend too much on Trains, I think i have to go to Sheffield station by train, if i choose to stay in Dronfield , and from there again i have to catch Tram to office i guess... if i am not wrong ... please suggest.
  14. Well, i think most of the places in Sheffield are populated by students, however do you know if there are any place where i find more of families than students?? and since sheffield is well connected by trams n buses i can catch them to reach my office. Your comments please.
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