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  1. I'd be up for that! Would be nice to have more crafty friends. Would have to be on an evening or weekend though.
  2. Hello If anyone wants to pm me please do. I'm 23 yr old female, looking for more friends. I got a graduate job here but the only friends I've made have been through work. I need to find some people who don't talk about work all of the time! Feeling quite lonely at the moment because my best friends are all in London and I'm quite shy, so not fantastic at going out and meeting people.
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for all of your comments. Yeah the flat is in Bickerton House. I've looked at loads of terraces but I haven't seen any nice ones yet. I don't really mind whether I end up with a flat or a house though. Generally I prefer flats because they're newer and I'm too lazy/don't have enough time to work on a house. Also I'd like off street parking if possible. My main concern is accidently living in a place with anti social behaviour/crime problems! I live on my own and finish work late a lot so I would want to feel safe walking around etc. Thanks again for your help.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice? I haven't lived in Sheffield long but I'm looking to buy a flat and I just want to make sure that it's not in a bad area! The flat I like is on Leppings lane, near the football ground. The flat itself is lovely and i really like hillsborough but I'm a bit concerned about the area for a couple of reasons. Some of the terraces look a bit run down and property prices seem much lower in that area compared to the rest of hillsborough. Does anyone have any advice on the area? Also, if anyone knows any other nice flat developments in the area with flats for sale please let me know. Thanks
  5. Hi, I emailed to ask for dates but haven't had a reply. Are the classes still going ahead? Thanks
  6. Hello, would anyone be welcome to come to the writing group? I'd love to but I'm a bit nervous about sharing my writing, I've only just started. It'd be great to learn from others though. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I've sent you an email to book, thanks
  8. Hello, are there any beginners knitting classes near the city centre? I work full-time so prefer weekends but evenings would be fine too! I've been trying to teach myself and it's not going well!!
  9. Hi CraftCrazy. All of those sound fun! How long would they last/how much would they cost? I don't have much free time on weekends! Also, whereabouts in the city centre? Thank you x
  10. Hi everyone, Thanks so much for the help! Looks like there are some great workshops, just trying to organise my diary. Lil peachums could I have more info on the glass classes? I don't mind travelling a bit so long as the workshops are on weekends.
  11. Hello everyone I just moved to Sheffield and I'm looking for any craft clubs or classes in the city centre, or something easy to get to from the city centre. I'm not too picky about what they are on, just wanting to make some friends and make some time for crafting so my life doesn't just revolve around work! I've tried having a look online, but I'm aware a lot of craft type businesses aren't online. So if anyone knows any places, could you let me know? Thanks for your help.
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