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  1. Its funny,but i was not shocked by all this today,it is starting to become part of life.Some community leader was saying on the radio that we must refuse to accept this as normal and we must remain in a state of solidarity.My faith in the human race is severely dented and i am now getting to the position of not caring anymore.I listened on the radio today at all the usual world leaders reading out the same speeches time and again saying,solidarity,they will not win,we all stand together,etc.I was that tired of it i turned the radio off.Well they are starting to win because there seems to be no end in sight and our world leaders seem to have no idea how to stop it.I am not going to watch it on tv because this will be happening time and time again for decades and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.I have no anger anymore just a feeling of defeat and despair.:sad:Good night,i have nothing left to say.I have decided to leave this forum,this will be my last post.I need to get away from hate and unfortunately this forum is full of it.Bye.
  2. I think you misunderstood what i meant by testing.I know the limits of my car and my driving.I do not take risks or drive above the speed limit or cross the middle white line,it is just i have a great handling car.I find driving fun and a pleasure,and when you have a great handling car it just sticks to all the curves like glue making it fun.Most of the accidents on the woodhead usually involve HGV's and motorbikes.We need something in life that is fun,without fun in life what is the point of being alive.We all have different things that make us happy,mine is being on two or four wheels.If we worried about what somebody else was doing on the roads and the fear of being killed all the time nobody would ever venture out on to them.
  3. I love driving on the Woodhead Pass,a real drivers road to test the cars handling.The nearest thing we have to driving the full Nurburgring Norschsleiffe circuit in Germany.I have been driving on it for thirty years without a mishap,i know every bend and bump in the road.I think a tunnel would be a great idea to get all the lorries off the pass but i cannot see it happening to be honest.The road is great for cars but not not so good for hgvs who regularly hit the walls on the tight Crowden section. ---------- Post added 16-03-2016 at 22:41 ---------- The newest tunnel now has power cables running through it and the two old victorian tunnels are in a state of disrepair and i believe are to be bricked up forever.I spoke to a couple of the lads who were working on the resiting of the cables in to the newer tunnel from the old one while i was walking on the trail.
  4. I have just got mine and it has just made me even more miserable after a long hard day at work.It could be worse, i have to pay extra for Stocksbridge town council as well all the other things that always go up every year.Even though the councils bit was frozen in the last few years the town councils has always gone up every year same as the police and fire as always gone up.Its a pity my wages do not do the same.Even worse i am not getting a pay rise this year to help our colleagues in another part of the EU who are struggling.I am going to have a Jack Daniels and then go to bed.I didnt drink until recently but i am quite enjoying it now,i had forgotten how much i used to enjoy a drink..Who wants to live forever anyhow,i certainly don't.
  5. Are you for real?:huh:It was a staged stunt in a controlled environment.I do wonder about this forum sometimes.
  6. The bonnet scoop is not illegal but that car is not road legal either.It is rally driver Ken Blocks 845 bhp V8 Mustang which is used for motorsport only.I believe all the roads were closed to allow it to drive on the roads around parliament.They appear to have upset people already before the show has even started,and the old team were seen as controversial.Being a mad man for fast cars myself i am looking forward to the new show.I think people have to remember that they are trying to make a show to entertain us rather than all the usual miserable drivel that the bbc normally bombards us with.As long as it was not done next to the cenotaph,which it wasn,t then i do not see a problem with it.I hope they do not cut the entire stunt.Before anyone asks i always respect our war dead and always wear my poppy with pride and my great grandad also lost his life in the first world war.I think the country needs to lighten up a bit, britain is becoming such a miserable place to live and we need something to excite us and and also make us laugh occasionally,a lot of people seem to have forgotten how to do it nowadays.
  7. I wondered who the hell Ruth Smeeth is so looked her up.She has an interesting background.She is not what she claims to be it appears.I am always suspicious of mp,s so always question their motives.Hope not Hate might not be the left that i thought it was but actually the middle class.I would be dubious of any of her opinions and her motivations http://www.potteye.co.uk/around-the-web-ruth-smeeth-and-israeli-lobby-links-come-under-the-spotlight-across-the-web/.
  8. I think the bus lane put that bit of the tidal flow out of action.
  9. Agreed, i would prefer a railway that went to rural areas like they used to do rather than just from city/large town to city/large town.Unless you live in the main centres the train is not much good.By the time i have travelled to my nearest station on public transport i have already wasted about an hour and half,it is easier to just travel by car.I have used a train once in the last 36 years and it took me ages to get to where i wanted to go.I thought it might be fun to go by train,i will not be doing it again and it was not cheap either.The annoying thing is a railway runs past where i live with a defunct station that is now someones house.I could get to work and back easily ,if we had a station.Opening more stations and improving the existing network and reopening closed lines would be better value for money for me.
  10. If british companies made them i would buy them.That is my argument,i want to buy british and i always do if it is possible. ---------- Post added 26-02-2016 at 19:03 ---------- I paid fifty pounds for a small portable radio recently made by Roberts.I could have got a cheap foreign one but i believe in buying British if i can and the quality blinds the cheap chinese ones.
  11. Harold Wilson was in power from 1964 to 1970 and the line was closed from 1966 to 1969,he had plenty of time to step in and stop it but chose not to.The line was never used to its full potential because of a lack of suitable locomotives to make use of the potential high speed nature of the line.Somebody has probably worked out how quickly a modern high speed electric train could have gone from London to Sheffield if the line still existed.I am guessing it would be much faster than the zig zagging Midland mainline. ---------- Post added 26-02-2016 at 18:44 ---------- I know some people do not like any Labour governments to be criticised in Sheffield but i think you will find Harold Wilson closed many more rail routes than the previous Tory pm.Try looking into the Beeching report to get the full facts.I have several books on it and also on the GCR line.I do not claim to be an expert but i am quite knowledgeable on the subject.The link explains a bit about the Beeching report. http://www.londonreconnections.com/2013/the-beeching-report-50-years-on/
  12. I agree that a lot of the problems are bad drivers,but i believe that designing a road where you can be side to side but only one lane for both cars to get into is insane.This is because of the bus lanes.What kind of twit designs a junction with two lanes going into one in just a distance of a few yards from a traffic light.It is encouraging a drag race and impending disaster.
  13. I negotiate queens road everyday and hate it.If something improves queens road i am all for it.The amount of accidents i have seen is incredible.Head ons are quite common.Impatient drivers who move into an imaginary third lane way before the third lane starts nearly hitting cars turning from side roads.Idiots who think the right turns on queens road near B & Q are right filters so do not bother indicating to turn right leaving all the ones who want to go straight on stuck behind them.There is then two cars side by side both trying to race each other to avoid going into the bus lane.There are the idiots who do not realise that the bus lanes only operate at certain times and days because they obviously cannot read the big blue signs at the side of the road.I have had drivers verbally abusing me because i have used the bus lanes on saturdays which i am perfectly allowed to do.I hate queens road and some of the morons who use it.To call the road a disaster is an understatement.
  14. Why does the Victoria hotel have to be destroyed to make way for it ,could it not be incorporated into it.What about the 30 mph freight trains that use that line as well that go to stocksbridge steel works.I have heard that it will only shave about 12 minutes off the journey time to London from Sheffield.It seems like a lot of money for just 12 minutes.I think its all a gimmick just to create jobs it will probably all be done by foreigners anyway. ---------- Post added 25-02-2016 at 20:14 ---------- If politicians had not been so short sighted in the late sixties and had not closed the ex great central line to london we would have already had fast trains to london.It was perfect for high speeds and was far quicker than the midland mainline.We should probably blame Doctor Beeching and Harold Wilson for making the wrong decision.This would have been perfect. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Central_Main_Line
  15. I actually did over 100 mph in a 1970,s cortina when i was young and foolish on the M1.That would have been about 30 years ago and i am not proud of it now.I also did it in a mk2 escort as well,and a 3 litre capri.The thought of something going wrong never entered my mind when i was young.I am now the one complaining about young drivers driving too fast.
  16. They always have been.All state owned tv around the world is the same.
  17. My favourite as well,i am hanging on to a bottle left over from christmas which i will drink if the OWLS get promotion this season:thumbsup:.
  18. That is because we have allowed this country to become this way.We could make britain great again if we stopped relying on foreign investment.We are like a country of obeying slaves being controlled by our masters from abroad while they get rich at our expense.The german government owning our freight trains,the french owning our power stations,its pathetic these things should be owned by the people of britain and then we would not be getting ripped off.We have had successive governments just selling all our assets and that berk Gordon Brown selling all our gold reserves off for the cheapest price to help save a bank which he now has a job with along with Alistair Darling.
  19. That is the problem.We should be buying british food but we are eating cheap imported food which is bad for british companies.I prefer to get meat from local farmers markets which is not the cheapest but at least i know where it has come from.I do not do things on the cheap i like quality.
  20. I assume you have a vested interest in the value of the pound,i do not.I do not spend my money abroad or have any global shares,i only care about this country and this is where i spend my money and all my investments.I lost a lot of money because of the global meltdown and i absolutely have no time for the global economy anymore.What happens to some other countries in the world does not bother me anymore.The devaluing of the pound will not bother me one iota but if it creates more jobs for british companies then i will be happy.I had to laugh at the business leaders of the big companies signing a letter to stay in the EU.They explained that they need access to the 500 million people jobs market in the EU to create jobs in britain.So what they are basically saying is that they want to bring cheap labour in from europe to do all those jobs that they are creating while providing no jobs for Brits but creating healthy profits for the big business fat cats.It all stinks and i want nothing to do with it anymore.
  21. I firmly believe that our waters should be just that,OURS.It is a natural resource of being an island and it used to help make britain wealthy and should again.Let the other countries fight for whats left.If you look into it you will find that britain would have plenty of fish if other countries were not allowed to take it.Go and stand in the middle of Grimsby and tell them that the quotas are fair and see what kind of response you get.
  22. I think some people are only bothered about how many euros they will get for their holidays rather than boosting british manufacturing.You will find that many british manufacturers would like the value of the pound to reduce including the owner of JML.My heart lies with Britain not the Costa del Sol.And just to support my argument i will include this link. http://www.purefx.co.uk/foreign-currency-exchange-advice/view/what-are-the-advantages-of-a-strong-and-weak-pound
  23. Yes and the farcical situation of uk fishermen having to throw fish back while other EU countries fish in our waters taking more fish than we are allowed to catch.Insane!One Dutch super trawler hoovers up 23 percent of our entire EU quota on its own.
  24. He certainly was a great commentator,his tour de france commentaries with stephen roche were brilliant.It was worth watching the eurosport commentaries for the banter between him and stephen.He will be sadly missed by cycling fans.
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