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  1. It’s a valid question, but the kitchen is on the ground floor and the bathroom is at the top of a standard staircase. I was hoping someone might be able to give me recommendations for people they have used. Instead I have a pedant in the thread. I still have a requirement though and will happily pay the right person
  2. Separate projects, both need a wall knocking through. sorry if this is the wrong thread (please move if so, Mods) any recommendations (I am sure there are) June start of the bathroom works for us. thanks
  3. Sorry Blades, but my 9 year old wants a replica kit. Where is the most cost effective place to go and buy it? apologies if this is the wrong section etc
  4. Just head up to The Sportsman at the top of Redmires Road at S10 4LJ probably the finest Sunday roast in a 50 mile radius. Probably need to book but they normally find a way to squeeze you in.
  5. Its bin day for us and not the black bin that was last week. Interestingly, the council website says its brown bin today, so does the leaflet they dropped. Everyone else on the road has the blue bin out. Just checked the council website and the blue bin section says its the blue bin they are collecting today. Well communicated and planned as ever. Oh well, better go and put both out and see which one they have taken
  6. Apologies for starting a post about this but the word SEAT doesn't search well on here. Need a recommendation for someone very good with SEAT cars and recommendations are the breakfasts of champions so please help me if possible.
  7. Spoofing of number is a real problem for the industry, as it allows me to call someone from a phone and present the number for your bank, so that on your mobile it would look like Lloyds or RBS etc are calling you. Whilst it is illegal to do this, it does not matter to a fraudster operating from a call centre on another continent. What could possibly go wrong? The good news is that the industry is aware of it and has a fix. It involves adding a "digital signature" to each telephone number globally and implementing checks and balances at carrier interconnect points that effectively say "I am a legitimate call and here is my password" at which point the carrier passes the call on as a verified call. A bit like Spam filters for emails and URLs on the internet. The bad news is that no-one is being forced to do it, so implementing it is a long way off.
  8. I can confirm the above is 100% true. I work in telecoms billing.
  9. Thanks for the recommendations - I tried calling both so far. Core - very interesting stuff - I think it just needs a clean though so am looking for people's recommendations for good work previously undertaken
  10. Hiya, my PC is 5 years old and getting very loud. Whilst I have blown dust out before, I think the fans and some other parts all need stripping down and cleaning, which I am reluctant to do myself. Any good recommendations for people who would undertake this sort of job and see if I can get this PC running a bit quieter? I am based in S10 so the more local the better. Thanks
  11. Burns chiropractic on Ecclesall Road. He would have this sorted in a jiffy he is excellent. If trapped nerve then a mix of physio and chiro would sort that out.
  12. Ours was fine yesterday and today is almost empty so the rubber must have split. Anyone know any decent people who could empty / clean / replace? Need to remove the stone flagging and replace the liner I suspect. Probably a couple of days work
  13. Hi, We have an oil fired boiler which has stopped working. Can anyone recommend a good plumber with the relevant accreditations as I am told a gas engineer would not be qualified to do the work so need to know where to look. Would rather ask here than yellow pages. Any recommendations?
  14. Go to the chiropractor first and get them to reset your neck. I go to the one on Ecclesall road by Collegiate Campus. He is very good and sorted this exact issue out for me. Also recommended using a rolled up towel, which has made the world of difference as a pillow. Neck pain is normally due to the spine being misaligned, just too old or damage. A good chiro can assist all of these.
  15. I was offered University courses by Durham, Bristol, Exeter, Leeds and Sheffield. I went to each on an open day. The Sheffield offer required the lowest grades and Durham the highest. I could have accepted any of them based on the results I got. I chose Sheffield because it had the best vibe of all of the places I did on open day. That was 1993. I graduated in 1997. I still live here and am raising my family in S10. I love Sheffield.
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