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  1. thanks for answering, but not the one either. linda
  2. Thanks for answering but no- not the one too young and different middle name Lindad
  3. I last saw him pre 1969 he would be about 68 by now worked with him at Barclays bank. ---------- Post added 07-11-2017 at 19:19 ---------- thanks for replying but not the one I'm looking for Lindad
  4. Hello- I am looking for an old friend- Stephen Booth- from Sheffield, and now in Rotherham somewhere- any clues?
  5. Hello Kathryn Dolman, I think I remember you, did you have a sister Paula? I can't believe it's fifty years since I was at Yew Lane. :-)
  6. My name now is Linda Dignam, I live in Australia and I am on facebook if you want to talk more, we're not allowed to post e mail addresses on here I don't think.
  7. To Pattypuddin- I was in same year as Geoff Evans & Stephen Goodwin. Geoff used tto copy my homework, I think we are same year
  8. Hello, my name was Linda Bamforth , I remember most of the people mentioned on this site, I enjoyed my time at Yew Lane, specially Mr Morris's years, I still keep in contact with lots of friends from my past, if anyone remembers me, say Hello! ---------- Post added 01-10-2016 at 09:08 ---------- I remember Pat Rhodes, Sue Sorsby, Cherry and Paul Chappell too
  9. My name was Linda Bamforth, I remember most of 5A with Mr Morris, I was in 4A at the time and still keep in touch with Ann Gregory and Janet Parker
  10. People who won't spell correctly
  11. What about "The Buccaneer" it was a great pub under the Grand Hotel, I met a great guy there but let him slip through my fingers because I was stupid, then someone else snapped him up.
  12. as far as I know Aegil was a Demon in training also a modern day writer, but doesn't seem to be anything to do with Yewlane area or schools
  13. looking for Linda nee Millington from Beighton originally used to work at George France, Chapel Walk
  14. Hello Steve, I'm back in Australia after living in USA for 5 years, hope you are well and still in the sixties like me !! I have 4 grandsons now, they are so fantastic but don't see them much as they live in Sydney. would like very much for you to contact me at lindadignam@yahoo.com or on here
  15. Does anyone remember the folk band 'the Kinfolk' they used to play church halls and small venues
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