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  1. Hi, I've just bought a used Ford car and have found out that the Powershift diesel automatic gearbox needs a specialist service and filter change every 3 years or 38k miles. Apart from the local ford main dealers, can anyone recommend anyone local to have this done and at what cost? Thanks.
  2. The liquid was some kind of dye that shows up after I had a failed regas attempt by the local garage. It held the cool air for a day or so then back to hot. The garage said they don't do air conditioning repairs and to go to a specialist.
  3. Hi, I have a leaky air conditioning pipe under my car, it is leading the air conditioning fluid Has anyone got any recommendations for a pipe repair that is cheap as the car isn't worth too much !
  4. Hi, has anyone been to a venue/play area that will do a private party for a 4 year old. Would be for around 25 children. Thanks
  5. Hi, does anyone know where in Sheffield there is a demo Nintendo Switch to try out? In one of the stores like game or toys r us?
  6. Can anyone recommend where to hire a7.5T Luton van for a day for a house move. I want to hire the van myself, any ideas on cost?
  7. Hi,I'm after some of the rubber almost tarma c like flooring they have at the outdoor children's playgrounds in the cities Parks. Does anyone know where I can buy locally and how much it is? Sorry I don't even know what the stuff is called.
  8. Hi, I'm seeking some advice on some recent blood results. I'm not seeking any favours or official advise, more any guidence from anyone who may work at STH and is involved with recurrent miscarriages as to if the results we have had back via our GP indicate a problem that needs to be addressed sooner than the 3 months we have been told to wait to see the consultant. Any advice would be most appreciated from those in the know, rather than spending time on the Internet coming up with out own (probably wrong) conclusions. Previous history is of 4 recurrent miscarriages in a 30 year old otherwise healthy. Bloods taken on day 2 of LMP is FSH = 5.9 and the LH = 2.3 . I've read they should be 1:1 but these results don't show that, thus why I am worried. If anyone who may work in this field could comment, we would be so greatfull.
  9. Ive just got a car which doesn't have a spare wheel, but a can of spray glue that does a temp fix as you spray the glue into the tyre to get you home. My mate says if you use this stuff, you need a new tyre as you can't fix a puncture after using it, is this true ? If not does anyone know a garage that does a fix after using the can of glue and how much they cost ?
  10. I'm trying to organise a one night stay in Skegness this month for 8 adults and 2 children under 1 year of age. Any ideas on where I could find somewhere for sometime this month, i think a single 8 berth caravan may be to small, unless anyone knows of 2 x caravans free for the same night or knows of any apartments etc?
  11. When I've in the past driven to Skegness, I've always gone on the a57 through Lincoln which has took 2 odd hours plus. A friend from work reckons there is a way to get their from Barnsley (which I assume is further than Sheffield) in less than an hour and a half, but she can't remember the route. Is she talking rubbish, or is there a faster way to Skegness from Sheffield I've been missing out on?
  12. I live in treeton, have had similar problems with signal. The best in treeton is 3 as I get full single on the bradshaw estate. 3 for me is good but I know others who hate it, are you on the new estate as you may be able to get a better signal with the other networks than me ?
  13. Hi, does anyone know how much I would be looking at to get my cambelt replaced on a 2006 Seat Leon FR as well as anywhere to get this done that they can recommend ?
  14. Hi, I'm thinking of booking to stay at Atlantic Resort and Villas but can find very little information on it, nothing in Tripadvisor. Has anyone stayed here and can comment on what the accomodation is like and if the pools are heated etc. I'm also worried that the resort will suffer badly from aircroft noise, can anyone comment ?
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