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  1. Can't comment on whether or not false evidence was given or evidence tampered with but I believe the police were on a hiding to nothing. Several thousand Liverpool fans, most of whom had been drinking and many of them without tickets, were converging on the Leppings Lane gate. If the gates had not been opened the disaster would have occurred outside the ground and very likely would have been even worse. The cry from the families would then have been "Why didn't they open the gates?"
  2. Thanks again everybody. I'll be after some in Castle Market. I like it with salt & vinegar too Grinder but it's good boiled in milk with onions an' all.
  3. Yes you are dead right S'boy. Frank Froggatt rang a bell because I used to play with him (no relation to Redfern) for Carterknowle Youth Club in the early '50s along with Ken Smith, Peter Lister, William Burrell, Keith Peel, John Latham, Alec Shaw et al. That was some half back line that Pompey had. I believe Jimmy Scoular and Jimmy Dickenson were both intenationals, JS a Scot, JD England but I don''t think JF got a cap -Neil Franklin was around at that time and he was an automatic choice at No. 5.
  4. Is there anywhere you can still buy tripe? There used to be shops which sold nothing but tripe, chicklings, trotters etc. I well remember one on Abbeydale Road opposite the bottom of Edgedale Road. Can't get it anywhere now in Norfolk but as we're coming back to Sheffield for a few days at the end of this month I thought someone might know where we can buy some. Fingers crossed. Hoping to stock up on Henderson's Relish as well. Can you still get Cunningham's Piccalilli in Sheffield?
  5. I believe there was another Frank Froggat, cousin of Redfern, played for Portsmouth if I remember right.
  6. Actually I think there were two on Abbeydale Road, one by the cinema which we used to call "Pops" as I think it was owned by two brothers called Poppleton in the late 40s/early 50s. There was another smaller one that sold a few other things beside drinks opposite Abbeydale school near Walker's chip shop. That one was a bit drab and we called it "Dirty Doris's".
  7. Thanks phantom. You posted as I was posting. Well at least Ill' get some sleep tonight.
  8. Thanks PeteMO1, but No. I lived just off Abbeydale Road. I have something like Park End rattling round in my head. Crikey, I think it's just come to me!!! Does anybody remember Parkhead Cricket Week? Where was that?
  9. Years ago, and I'm talking late 1940s/early 1950s, there used to be an annual cricket festival week just outside Sheffield (then - may have been urbanised by now). They always held it the week when the touring side were at Bramall Lane when county players, tourists and local club members would have a friendly game of "slog and hoppit" in the evenings. Can anyone remember where it was held. My Dad used to take me on the bus but I've racked my brain to remember where it was. It was well known in those days and always attracted good crowds; no charge for admission if I remember rightly but they would go round with the hat.
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