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  1. there used to be one situated newhall rd and Brightside lane close to traffic lights and along side a phone box. junction pub opposite side of road.
  2. does anyone know if refuge collectors are on strike this Wednesday 05/10 2016.it should be our black bin day ,if so do we get them emptied the following day or wait another fortnight for collection. Could it be a trial run for monthly collections?
  3. this morning whilst having breakfast in my conservatory ,I notice the roof panels had been damaged. Went outside and there was holes in five of the panels . the hailstones must have been like bullets they have broken through first layer of poly-carbonate . so I would like to tell people with this type of roof to check.
  4. The Standard piston ring used to on the end of that road Don rd end and st clements church and vicarage padget st end rear gates to newhall school on other side of road across from vicarage think that's the area you are looking at.
  5. A Mrs C Foster may be a good person to contact phone is 01226 387508 they train puppies at worsborough sports club I believe. her email address is fosterbriebriards@sky.com she is secretary and runs the Wath and west melton district canine society club . good luck and enjoy you puppy
  6. sports club green lane ecclesfield. Did a works have this as their sports club in the 1960's ?. always seemed to be cricket and football matches there.
  7. RIP sadly Jack Barnes has passed away on 21/05/2015. Thanks for all reunions, a much loved man who really touched peoples lives . Top man god bless xxx
  8. CANCELLED PARTY. Posting this message on behalf of Jack and Anne Barnes party arranged for the 4th April Saturday is now cancelled due to ill health please pass this onwards to all friends and relatives.
  9. Posting this message on behalf of JACK Barnes and ANNE The party arranged for 4th April Saturday at Shiregreen club is now CANCELLED due to ill health .get well soon Jack
  10. yes it was lovely evening and thanks to you for playing music and karaoke also a big thank you to Jack and Anne Barnes also Jean for arranging it.
  11. THE Newhall school /Alfred rd area reunion is on, this Saturday . 4th OCTOBER at SHIREGREEN (WMC) club 7.30 onwards Karaoke ,remeniss with old friends and relatives : organised by jack Barnes
  12. DEFINATE REUNION SHIREGREEN CLUB 4th October 7.30 onwards
  13. the reunion for newhall school ex pupils ; Alfred rd /don rd Brightside lane/paget st and all other side streets ect.is definitely at SHIREGREEN (wmc)club on the 4th OCTOBER 7.30 onwards this Saturday. karaoke, and remeniss with old friends and relatives
  14. Reunion for expupils of newhall school will be held at Shiregreen cllub(wmc) on the 4th October 2014 .has been arranged by Jack Barnes all welcome
  15. Sorry if i confused you. when i put we, i meant my hubby John Holland and myself were talking with Raymond Wiggley. don't think Roger was there
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