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  1. I used to go to Josephines in the 80s , loved it to pieces
  2. Mine was to Ibiza , had a fab time , it was 1977
  3. Well I for one am a Royalist & don't care who knows .Yes , I agree I don't like the hangers on , they are a waste of space , but I think the main Royals are brilliant . I cant think of anything worse than having a damn president , who would you choose for a start ? . No , leave the Royals alone , they are what makes our Country what it is .
  4. Cheers folks , different views , I am on Lenovo Lap Top , so not sure . Think I will stick with what I have got .
  5. Has anyone got Windows 10 ? . It keeps flashing up on my lap top . Have heard that after a while , you have to start paying for certain stuff . Just wondered if anyone else has got it & what it is like . Cheers
  6. Shogun , I live in Bradford & yes for some reason they have painted out the sign but the + 1 lane still exists , people use it all the time . Saw loads the other day while driving to Sheffield
  7. Poor guy , the OP ,obviously was at the back of the class wearing a blindfold when they were giving out people skills because he has zero amount . Time to go back to school & get some because it sounds like he needs to learn how to get on with folk & stop being such a child
  8. The Doctors do work weekends , as someone said , not as many , but they do . We always have a Consultant on for the weekend , then a SPR , SHO & A FY1 . Yes the FY1 , is busy at weekends and they have to prioritise their work load & we as Nurses help out with things we can do & that is taking blood , inserting venflons , things we are trained to do . Its not ideal but we have to just learn to adjust in this day & age & work as a team
  9. As a Nurse , I would never strike , my conscience wouldn't let me at all . I love my patients too much & I don't think Doctors would come out on strike either , by doing so , they too are putting patients at risk . Unless , they are off duty at the time , then it is up to them what they do
  10. Did these really happen ? . I think if it did , its disgusting , but where did the original poster find that out . We should have respect for our armed forces , but can I ask , what was he doing in uniform ? . Had he just come back to the country ?
  11. oh no , I cant believe it , will I ever get over this , Facebook has gone down on my laptop , what am I going to do now . Get a life I hear you say , but No , I don't want to , not yet , will I go insane , probably , but I just don't believe it . Oh well , never mind .
  12. Hi peeps , I am having trouble hearing music on my groups on Facebook , any ideas ? ..My speakers are 100% , so should be hearing , I can hear on You Tube , so whats going on ?
  13. Oh cheers folks , I did down load AVG , which I think was the free version & that's what I have got going at moment , so hopefully it may be OK ,once the time runs out . So , it should just stay on the free version then .
  14. Hi , folks , I want free protection for my Lap Top . I am with AVG at moment , & it is free for now , but it expires in 9 days & looks like I will have to pay to extend . This is the same for some others I have been with , are any totally free , Thanks xx
  15. Thanks so much , will let him know , although as a previous poster said , Hospital should let staff know which is best way . I hope so anyway
  16. Sorry , he will coming from Hyde Park Flats , usually goes Burngreave way
  17. My brother has to get to NGH on day of race , does anyone know best way to get there
  18. First , I do not live in the country , but I have great respect for those that do . If I had a dog . there would be no way I would let it go anywhere near sheep . That in my opinion is asking for trouble. We should respect farmers & their livelihoods . Like I say , if I had a dog , I couldnt live with myself because I was irresponsible & let the dog go where they wanted & therefore worried sheep & put the farmer in the position where they had to choose between shooting the dog or not would be horrid. People need to have respect . There are plenty of places to let the dogs roam without putting it at risk. Just take care .
  19. I was in bed reading the end of a really good story . Part of it concerned a dog . A farmer came to visit the owner & said it had been worrying his sheep . In the story , the dog did have blood all over its face . The owner washed it off before this farmer came . He demanded the owner got some butter & made the dog eat it so it vomited . On looking at the vomit , the farmer saw sheeps wool in it . I know you think I am mad going on about a book but I talked to my friend about it & she told me it is right . Farmers can shoot dogs who are proven to worry sheep . That is really awful if you have a beloved dog. Can anyone tell me if this is right
  20. Sounds to me like he learnt to drive at the Bradford School of how not to drive because there are lots of idiotic young Asian drivers like that over here .
  21. Yes , I have & that is why I spent nearly an hour trying to sort something out but my argument is the flaming Drug Dealers that spend their lives making these poor addicts lives a misery that get right on my nerves
  22. Beltane is my most favourite time of the year . Love it so much
  23. I for one have seen first hand what using stupid stuff like Cannabis , Heroin , whatever does & I have to say these people are the most selfish people I have come across. Yes & alcohol as well , but at the end of the day Nobody forces this **** on them , it is their choice . But , it is their choice & if they die then so be it because nothing , or no one can stop them from pressing the self destruct button Be it in their genes or something else , nothing will stop me from hating the ground the actual Drug Barons from making it so easy for these people to getting addicted in the first place. These people are the true scum of the earth .
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