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  1. Anyone know of pubs in Sheffield centre who will have the rugby on? Cheers.
  2. Anybody know if there are any reggae bands on on Saturday? Cheers.
  3. Used a bloke off here (from Hillsboro I think) in Aug but he's changed his number. Anyone know of one ? Cheers - Eckington area
  4. Anyone know of any Chinese/Thai/Indian places open on Christmas Day in the Town or London Road area? Cheers.
  5. What date is it? If we can't get Wilko Johnson tickets for The Greystones, defo will go.
  6. The elephant in the room is why is the council employing people who don't give value for money...then have to get in consultants to bale them out?
  7. I can't see I'd be in the scenario where I'd be in a meeting with such parameters...so no is the answer. I have looked at their website (CHR) and in international matters I can see the benefits....But local government ? Self importance springs to mind.
  8. They need consultants because the management is full of career managers who just move from one ambiguous job title to another.A friend of mine says the council has contracted out their I.T dept...yet the council's I.T dept still has at least as many people in it as the contractors team. So,to me it looks like we're paying well over the odds in just that little sector.
  9. In reply to Localman's post. The argument about commercial or personnel worries can also flip over to decisions or views totally out of sync with the public feeling... Ok? And,can ANYONE 'sign up' and attend? Even if they could,they're making it tricky. http://www.commonpurpose.org.uk/courses/established-career
  10. Me and mates would defo be up for a sheffield gig...pref a weekend (we getting old). May go to donny anyway...times it finish,before last train?
  11. I think the 'secretive' tag comes from the fact that governmental depts,city councils,police officials,et al are sent on training courses using OUR money. Yet their meetings are under Chatham House Rules meaning the contents of their meetings are not for public reading.
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