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  1. Yep his name is Richard Allan, he is living in london now with his partner and twin girls, and has returned to IT, He is ok and comes up to sheffield to visit his family (im his sister), and is always interested it whats happening, i shall let him know about this thread,
  2. im afraid there was 1 casualty, he died shorly after, i dont want to say anymore as he was a close family member
  3. i totally agree with you, not many 59 year olds with health problems would be able to do what meatloaf can, i totally enjoyed it and i was fairly near the stage, it maybe last chance to see him, but i hope not, meatloaf gives 100% everytime
  4. i went to see meatloaf sunday night and i thought he was amazing and i had a really good night there,
  5. I went there from 78 to 80 Mrs Rawlings was head, Mrs Perry and Mr Salway head of lower Mr Cartwright and Merrills head of upper. Mr Rodgers form teacher i also remember Mr Nutall Mr Shaw (biology) Mrs Plumtree, Mrs Garrison, Mr lee, Mr Smiles my history teacher
  6. i know paul from years ago, hope he is ok, and he is a good plasterer
  7. meatloaf coming to arena on 27th may, already got my tickets and cant wait to go,
  8. 100% agree with meatloaf, seen him 4 times each time each time excellent
  9. i think st marys started out on south rd,but along time ago it moved down to burgoyne rd i dont know long ago it was,
  10. it was The end with burt reynolds, very funny film, ive been tryin to get a copy to see it again Burt reynolds was the man who were tryin to kill himself, 1 part of the film was were he got a friend to push him out of a high window, but he moved and the friend went out of window instead, does this sound right
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