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  1. What do you think she'll say if you blatantly ask her out on a date? You must have an idea about what her reaction would be. If it's yes, then stop messing and get on with it! If you think she's going to say no, then it's probably best to keep quiet - you'll cause a right storm if you try it on anyway.
  2. I spent some time in India, with work, (yes, it was a call centre, my fault, I'm sorry etc, etc), and one of the comments from one of my trainees was "wouldn't it be great if there were no borders, and people could just go anywhere?" While her colleagues agreed, I just squirmed in hypocritical embarrasment. In some respects, the British outlook on life really sucks.
  3. As a cynical old b******, I'd suggest you'd give it to him straight. Younger women have their pick, but this diminishes with time. Tell him to get himself a good education, see a bit of the world, and end with getting himself a good, well paid job. He's far too young to be thinking about any LTR's, and, if he plays his cards right, he'll end up with a much better deal further down the line. At the moment, the world's his oyster and he should make the most of it. Pick a major "life challenge", eg passing his driving test, holding down a job, passing his exams etc, and challenge him to make a go of it. He really shouldn't be worried about relationships at his age.
  4. I know this is way off topic, but Jeez!! As a "relative" young 'un you people seriously put me off the idea of being a parent. It sounds like hell. I'm not sure if I ever dare speak to a laydee now, let alone contemplate having a family with one!
  5. I've thought hard about how I'd answer that question, imagining myself in a totally lawless, anarchic city, and I can honestly say that I'd never stoop to such a base level. I wouldn't hesitate to loot food and water if me, my friends and/or family needed it to survive (though sadly, I'd probably also feel the need to swipe a crate of budweiser or two), even if it was to the detriment of other survivors. But that's about survival, not opportunism (apart from the beer of course). It'd be interesting to hear more about this study...
  6. There are plenty of managers who are bullies - I don't know if people who go for middle management jobs are secretly bumped off and replaced by sadistic alien cyborgs with little understanding of humanity, or whether they just pretend to be, but so many seem to crack the whip far harder with their subordinates than they do with themselves.
  7. That's horrendous. What does that tell you about what goes on in people's heads? That means that the only thing stopping mass rape is not any sort of morality, sense of human decency or understanding, but fear of the consequences of getting caught. Where were these students? Alcatraz library?
  8. Of course it would happen over here. You imagine losing your family, and witnessing the destruction of your home, and all your possessions, and being trapped in a building with no water or sanitation, along with 20,000 angry, desperate people with nothing to do for days on end. I'm willing to bet that a fair proportion of them would take the opportunity to take what they want, whether it involved theft, rape or just using you as a punchbag to relieve the frustration. People are people regardless of nationality or wealth, and you'll find plenty of very good and very nasty characters in a sample of 20,000. And I don't think that the tsunami survivors all pulled together either. Anyone read about the orphaned children who were being targeted by peadophiles for example?
  9. Poor old pinhead, he didn't half get some stick - he once caught us shouting the nickname at him, and our teacher was so angry she made the whole class write him a letter of apology, which only made things worse. Mr Cunnington was ace! As was Ms Parsons, Mr Walton, Mr Hewitt (I hope they still don't teach kids I.T. using BBC computers and Lemmings!) and loads of others. For what it's worth, things do seem to be getting better. I was unfortunate in that I was a shy, nervous kid, and as a result I went through hell for it. My best mate had to move schools 'cos the bullying was so bad. Nowadays though, they have things like clubs, proms and yearbooks, whereas they didn't used to have any of that - my younger brother left this year, and he seems to really miss the place! However, it's true that those who work hard can get on, and those that mess around will be tomorrow's scroungers. I can happily let you know that 10 years on, people who were in my classes at Newfield went on to become teachers, counsellors, policemen, civil servants and all points in between. They live all over the place, from London to Newcastle, though many have remained in Sheffield. Some have travelled widely, and I know of at least one who has been teaching English in foreign countries. Sure, there are a few idiots and nutters who failed to achieve anything, but that happens in every school. I've always been of the opinion that parents have a far larger influence on behaviour and academic results than teachers. Mmm - controversy!
  10. Since I was ten years old I've had a burning ambition to write a book, a novel. It has to be fiction. I've made several attempts to write one, but never quite made the grade. But I'm improving. That's been the one constant ambition in my life, and I've always considered that to be my purpose.
  11. I agree with a lot of the advice here. Don't let her force you out of what you enjoy doing, but then again you have to accept that you aren't going to get on. I suggest you keep this young lady at arms length - don't be rude to her, but don't actively seek out her company. If you do find yourselves talking together, stick to neutral, distant pleasantries, or "business" (ie: am-dram matters). And another thing Sid: You say you're depressed because you don't have a girlfriend. Do this for me. Take yourself off somewhere quiet and spend a good twenty minutes or so contemplating the bad aspects of being in a relationship. Think about what you'll lose - there's loss of privacy, loss of freedom, having to "check in" if you want to do anything (as opposed to just doing what you want), all the jealousy, the heartache, the neediness; mull over facts like "one in 5 married women have had an affair", "nearly half of all marriages end in divorce (could you stomach seeing all the money you've spent your life accumulating suddenly being taken away and given to your ex and her new bloke?) - if you had kids how would you handle just being able to see them once a fortnight? Just think on all that, imagine those scenarios happening to you, and maybe being single will start to look like a good idea? Hmm? Then go and look around at what else life has to offer. You're young(ish), free and single, and the world's your oyster! How about travelling? Do a degree? Learn a language at night school? Ask if you can direct one of your drama group's plays? Have you learned to drive yet? A career change perhaps? Just go for it!
  12. Yes, it's not like the mid-nineties, when you could leave your door unlocked. Mind you, we didn't have much to steal, just an Amiga or Megadrive, or a playstation one if you were lucky (we were the first ones on our street to own one - we invited in all the neighbours, and we sat round, while the old man plugged it in and off we went - ee, it were like magic it were). Mobile phones were still the provenance of the showoff, and Norton Lees didn't yet have a cash machine. But despite that we were happy.
  13. Thank the lord, it isn't just me (although I'll have given it to my workmates now!). Mine started tuesday night, with a sore throat. A blocked nose ensued, followed by a rasping cough, and I broke out into a sweat whenever I did anything mildly stressful. It's just about sunday now, and I'm ok, apart from the cough and one blocked nostril. The bubose seems to have receded as well. Looks like I'm indestuctible....
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