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  1. My name was Maureen Flood then and I left in 1969. I remember Sharons name, did she used to live near Hartley Brook? Maureen
  2. Do you know any of those names I posted? I was in Melbourne 2 years ago for a wonderful holiday.Maureen
  3. I live in Bolton Lancashire and we have Ringtons tea delivered every 2 weeks Maureen
  4. I did my mental handicap nurse training from 1975 to 1978. My tutor was Brian Hodges. Anyone out there remember them? Maureen
  5. Any relation of Gregory Boyes who died in 1972 and lived in Shiregreen? Maureen
  6. We lived on Cromford Street mid fifties and I remember the Salvation Army band on a Sunday morning and the Whit walks. Maureen.
  7. Anyone out there who remembers the head Walter Humpstone? He used to walk round school with his batman cape on! I left in 1969. Can remember Vanessa Armitage, Linda Cheetham, Sylvia Hawley, Sylvia Gunnell, Shirley Bilton. Alan Walker Lorna Wragg, Margaret Dick, can anyone else remember any of them. Maureen.
  8. Iwas in Sheffield 5th Girls Brigade at Valentine Crescent run by Miss Swift and Pat Hall. My brithers were in 231st Barnley road scout group run by Harry Kelford or Skip as we called him Maureen.
  9. To Pitsmoorlad. My uncle Aunt and cousin were the people your dad rescued at Shirecliffe on that night, That has brought back alot of memories to me. I was living in Sheffield at Cromford Street at the time and we had to be brought downstairs from our attic and sleep in the front room as all the chimney pots were falling through the rooftops. Maureen.
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