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  1. Hey guys my Daughter is Looming mad but i accidently broke her loom board today so i need to buy her a new one while she is at school. Does anyone know where i can buy just the board please as she has many bands so not looking to buy the set. Thanks
  2. I have been told 50L minimum would you echo that too? ---------- Post added 09-06-2014 at 17:09 ---------- I have now bought a 50L tank and a Trigen 300 filter with pump and air stone for £25 so im happy again.
  3. The Varitus Platy was sold to me as a cold water fish so no heater used. The air pump i would guess is used to power the filter. as for gravel i have around an inch on the bottom. I understand a 12l tank is tiny agreed but as its our first tank i thought i would start small and progress if the interest is there as kids soon loose it as you know. Thanks by the way
  4. I am assuming it is a filter as it has stones in one side and foam in the other then pumps out bubbles through the foam.
  5. Hi thanks for your reply. I did add something called quick start to the tank after setup as recommended by the shop. This said you could add fish immediately but i wanted to wait till the sediment had settled properly. We are new to fish keeping and was told we had to have an air supply to the tank for the fish to survive.
  6. Hi i have purchased a small 12L tank for my daughter who expressed interest in wanting one. I bought it from the small pet shop at Manor Top and it came with a small air pump (bullet shape) and an artificial plant. I set the tank up as instructed then after 4 days i was told it was ok to introduce some fish so went to Pets at Home in Park gate. I told the guy what tank i had and he suggested Platays? Anyways as i have 2 older children i bought 2 of those fish. They have been in the tank now for 3 days and the it has become very cloudy. I'm feeding them on flake food from the pet shop. Could someone advise if this is because i have done something wrong or the pump isnt working correctly please? Thanks
  7. Aye its still there but his new name is Dick Turpin
  8. Hi Linda i'm after a longer one but thanks for the offer. I have just sold my 12.5m one to fund a longer one so 13m + is what im looking for cheers.
  9. Does anyone know of any second hand fishing tackle shops in Sheffield please? I'm looking to purchase a new (to me) pole but it must be 13m+ and ebay isnt helping at the min. My budget is £150 . Cheers Jonny
  10. I fished little adams in November and was catching well on bomb and 6mm meat soaked in Krill juice (another thing to hook us anglers maybe). I caught 39lb for second and it was won with 44lb winner used corn. Best off taking a selection of baits but don't give yourself too much of a headache.
  11. Dont buy the lad a pole from Dragon carp as they are heavy and bend like a banana and he will be put off pole fishing for life thinking they are all heavy like that.
  12. Tacklefinder 7 Agnes Road Barnsley S70 1NJ 01226 231373
  13. Its worth having a word with Tacklefinder in Barnsley as he has some good stuff in at good prices too.
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