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  1. I need someone to cover missing air bricks at the local church to stop rodents getting into the building. It would need to be a kind of mesh to allow air in and mice out. Any offers or recommendations? Thanks
  2. Highfield Adventure Playground is fantastic
  3. This looks like a fantastic event. Hope it goes really well and is a great success.
  4. They didn't go into the estate. They drove off down South View Rd.
  5. Take their reg and report them for dangerous driving. The police will give them a visit and maybe confiscate the bike. It happened to one in Nether Edge.
  6. I think it was withdrawn at one stage but it's half built now!!
  7. I also read that Tesco are going to concentrate on express and metro stores! Apparently a new Tesco store is being built on Sharrow Lane on the site of the old Methodist Church!!
  8. The Old Junior School on South View rd is very reasonable. The also hire out the Church hall at Highfield Trinity Church! Brand new flooring, so ideal for dancing! Sharrow Community Forum run both of them.
  9. I know this one has been done to death but does anyone know of a 3yd skip for less than £90 or a 4yd for less than £100?
  10. There's also Lai Yin, based at The Old Junior School on South View Rd
  11. Highfield Adventure Playground in Sharrow is ideal for kiddies parties! It's only £15 p/h!! Book through the Sharrow Community Forum!
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