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  1. I have never seen anything like that on here, you must be thinking about another site maybe?
  2. More to the point what do you think. It very rude to ask an opinion before you have given your own.
  3. If you get a plumber he will do the same thing, and charge you 40 quid an hour for the priveledge. Take a few panels out, and look for it, once you have located it, you can get a plumber if you want. It will then only be an hours extortion you have to pay.
  4. George Formby did well out of it. He was the highest paid man in the entertainment industry.
  5. To save yourself money, just standback, look at the job, and decide about how to tackle it. Most of these jobs are really easy, when you take the time to think about them. You wont need a plumber in a caravan, it will be summat and nowt of a job. Its like saying you need a plumber because your tent is leaking.
  6. You were playing your guitar openly showing your face? What offence is that? or are you a crap guitarist?
  7. The place where you bought is responsible. You are entitled to a full refund from them. But make sure you have your facts right. Let this other guy check it out first.
  8. Seeing as these pictures are so small, that no detail can be made out, what would be the point?
  9. My account is with one of the most disreputable and unaccountable banks, Bobby's one, what a diamond gezzer, and I own my own house. What way does that make me a hypocrite? They are still stinking capitalist filth, only more so, as we trapped in their filthy corruption. No wonder Islam is coming on by leaps and bounds, it seems about the only alternative to disaster, since we let the capitalist destroy socialism. (and I dont mean communist USSR btw.)
  10. They are stinking capaiist swine who are only for a bullet.
  11. I never thought I would say it to a Scotsman, but go on Andy today. Good onya:D:hihi:
  12. I dont think most of the posters have hit a flood on the road. It is dramatic. You need to be a good driver to copoe
  13. You are taking the ****, and wasting my time.
  14. It means ignornant, what else does it mean?
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