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  1. I think her name is Joan Renwick and she's been going to The Crucible since 1985
  2. That's a McCain Chip Factory in Grantham
  3. Sorry, I've been out and not read through all of the posts I've missed
  4. The Star website says the fire was at Sheffield Reclaim, so it is on Worthing Road
  5. Travel South Yorkshire have tweeted that there is an incident in Castle Square, causing disruption to tram services
  6. Seen a tweet from BBC Look North that they're getting reports about a gas explosion near Sheffield University
  7. Everard Davy hasn't been on Radio Sheffield for about 5 weeks now. Has he left, or is he on a long period of leave?
  8. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy a suitcase? Needs to be quite big, but not too heavy (less than 5kg)
  9. The A1 does go along Shepcote Lane, think they leave Sheffield Interchange on the hour and half hour
  10. Are there any trains running between Rotherham Central and Sheffield and vice versa?
  11. Looking at the map, there's a school, a motor company and another industrial unit in that area.
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