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  1. im looking for a bagpiper in sheffield for out wedding in September 2018, there's a guy who usually stands in hillsborough outside wilkos and town outside boots, does anyone know this guys name or have any contact details, or recommend anyone ive tried ed arnold but hes on holiday ! thanks in advance
  2. :help::help:hiya, not sure if ive posted in right place, has anyone local got a Vauxhall water pump connector ? I can get one off ebay for £10 but need one tomorrow If I can as heavily pregnant and need my car ! its a meriva 06 plate thanks in advance :help:
  3. hi looking for some advice my partner is sub contracted on site and his income this year is lower than last year also his expenses for travel, clothing ect is around £4000 (double last years expenses as hes moved jobs and needed more tools ect) I dont want it to cause a red flag with hmrc if his expenses doubled but wadges gone down a tad (time off for holidays, hospital appointments, time between jobs and less hours) can anyone please tell me what their expenses are per year in a simmilar job thanks last year earnt £19606 before expenses £16606 approx after expenses this year £18500 before expenses £15000 approx after expenses (as like said before hes had to buy more tools, ppe ect this year)
  4. if anyone could help me find my old driving instructor would be muchly appreciated. he is called martin brown and I lived at hillsborough around 9 months ago if anyone knows what company he works for or his contact number would be great thanks
  5. hi. can anyone recommend a good children's entertainer that also does a disco too ? thanks
  6. check tomorrow if paypal has said its been sucsessful they will have checked your bank seen you have anough to cover the cost and authorise the payment that will be deducted later. check your pending transactions some times they take pennies/a pound to secure the transaction a bit like asda do with online shopping then take the money out when the seller accepts your Order. may take a few days happened to me a few times
  7. hi all. I was wondering if anyone had hired this venue out gor a private party? it gives u prices for standard parties but not to hire the centre although it says you can
  8. Thanks ive tried all numbers and they all say there closed and leave a message !
  9. Hi there. Im renting a property through lancasters property services and i have water coming through my living room celing. Just had a new roof put on so either that or the seal on the shower but still coming through. Ive looked through all of my paper work and there is no out of hours contact number please help !
  10. Yeah i was going to go and ask but ive moved to the other side of sheffield so dont pass through hillsborough anymore. And thank you ill will contact them
  11. Hi. I am wanting to get a hanging basket bracket custom made. Not sure if anyone has seen a house on <removed as requested by the home owner> they have one on blue with the sheffield wednesday owl and im wanting to get my partner a very simmilar one but cant find out how and were to get one made or to buy one. Any ideas ?
  12. Hi there i am looking for a kitten that we can give a loving and life long home to. Would prefer one with unusual marking/ colour so not all black or black and white please get in touch if you have any kittens for sale. Thanks beth
  13. They sure do. Many people very greatfull for it..myslef included
  14. Thanks for your reply ! So sorry to hear that i will send you a message within the next 30 mins. Thanks for your reply
  15. Hi there. Not sure if i have advertised in the correct section. Im calling any parents who have had a premature baby in jessops to contact me and hope they can fill in a quick questionaire. Hope you can help me. More details will be provided when you contact me in reguards to what the questionaire is about and what purpose it would have Thanks.
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