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  1. I need the autobox on my CRV repairing as it won't select reverse gear. All forward gears working as they should. Recommendations please of best place to take it to. Thanks.
  2. I am posting on behalf of a friend They are currently looking for a new home for a young male chihuahua cross jack russel approx 11 months old. Reason for Rehome / Sale - Owner has moved to a property where pets are not allowed Time Scale – How Urgent? - As soon as possible Sale Amount - £30 Has the Dog been in Rescue - no Location - Sheffield Age & Sex - Male approx 11 months Breed/ Mix - chihuahua cross jack russel - black and tan KC Registered - no Approximate size - small Exercise Needed - some Neutered & Micro chipped - no Vaccinated & Wormed - yes Live in / out - in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - has spent extended periods of time with our dogs and have had no problems - not had contact with other animals so don't know Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - no Temperament - excellent Good or Bad with Children - very good with people and children of all ages Dislike of Men or Women - loves people OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - ok with dogs - unsure the rest Travel OK in Car - yes excellent Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - no does not like being left alone Destructive Behaviour - only when left Barks - when left alone Pull on the lead - no Crate trained - has used a crate but not entirely happy - This is a really lovely little dog with a great temperament - However he does not like being left on his own so will require someone at home all day or only left for short periods. Great lap dog loves being with you and sitting on your lap. Excellent with children, even very young children. He is house trained but can be lazy so you have to make sure you tell him to go outside. He is used to an enclosed garden and enjoys walks but doesn't need lots of long walks. He gets excited when you meet/greet him and tiddles a bit sometimes. But he is a very happy sociable dog. The only problem is that he doesn't like being left alone hence the reason for rehoming. He is ok for short periods but gets distressed for anything longer than a couple of hours. So would make someone a great companion. We are currently fostering this dog. But our Female Basset is not accepting the dog very well. We therefore need to find him a home asap. Please get in touch if you think you can offer him a forever home.
  3. Hi I would highly recommend 'Coverall' on SF. They have just fitted my daughters carpets in S2. telephone Andy 07940 577259
  4. Hi I would highly recommend Coverall. Found him on here. Fantastic guy (Andy) who really does go out of his way to do a good job and provide a great service. I'll pm you his number!
  5. Looking for recommendations for where to go to. It is for a large living room, hall stairs, landing, kitchen and main bedroom. This has got to be done on a very tight budget. Don't want the really cheap cord rubber backed stuff. Looking to have vinyl in kitchen and perhaps hall way. Any ideas please.
  6. Hi I am an Ofsted registered childminder with immediate vacancies for children from 0 to 11 years. I am also available for evening and weekend babysitting. Short notice, one off or regular to suit your needs. Obviously being Ofsted registered I am CRB checked, hold a 1st Aid Certificate and Public liability insurance which also covers whilst babysitting in your home. If I can be of service to anyone please get in touch. Rated as Good in recent Ofsted Insection!
  7. http://www.armadillo-products.co.uk I got mine from here
  8. I would definately give one a try. My Yorkshire Terrier, who we sadly lost to cancer a couple of years ago, suffered with terrible arthritis from the age of 4 we tried everything and had numerous visits to the vets, he had pills, injections, the lot but was getting worse and worse until he could barely walk. The vet was talking about putting him to sleep and as a last resort I trawled the internet trying to find a last hope. When I found a site about magnatherpy collars. I sent for one and it wasn't an overnight cure but over the next three months he made a noticeable improvement. 6 months later he was better still and 12 months later you wouldn't have known it was the same dog. He continued wearing one for the rest of his life and I firmly believe the collar worked for him. I have recommended to other people but I think they expect it to work overnight so give up before they have chance to work. But I would say give it a try!
  9. Hi I am a Ofsted registered Childminder in S12 and surrounding areas and I have immediate vacancies for children from 0 to 11+ years. My under 1 place is now available and I have lots of experience with babies. I keep my numbers low to be able to give more time to the children in my care. I offer a caring, friendly, loving home environment and can provide excellent references. Please pm me and I will get straight back to you. Thank you Jo
  10. Thank you everyone for your kind replys will go on Monday:thumbsup:
  11. Hi can anyone help please. I am buying a vehicle which has previously been on disabled tax. I know that I cannot tax it at the post office but have been told that I have to go to the tax office where it was registered for disabled tax. Is this true or can I just go to the car tax office in Sheffield and get it transfered to normal car tax? Thanks you
  12. Hi has anyone got any tips for a moist sponge cake as my hubby is making a cake for my mums birthday. Thanks
  13. I am a newly Ofsted registered Childminder in S12. I have immediate vacancies for 1 to 11 year olds. Full / part-time, before and after school and holidays. I provide a safe, caring, family environment, offering many resources and opportunities for indoor/outdoor activities. I have 3 children of my own aged 9,13,&17 and have worked for many years in schools and playgroups on a voluntary basis. I am also a fully trained Home-start Volunteer and have supported a family within their own home. So i have lots of experience with both my own and other peolples children. We have 2 dogs a Yorkshire Terrier & a Basset Hound who are very loving and are very much a part of our family. I can also offer my services to College Students under Care to Learn. I can provide school /nursery pick up /drop off at Charnock Primary, Sunflower Nursey, Birley Community College. Please pm me thank you
  14. Hi my 17 year old daughter is interested in joining a musical theatre group. Does anyone know of any suitable groups for young people in Sheffield. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hi I need a gas bottle for the bbq, where is the cheapest place to get one in Sheffield? Thanks
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