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  1. mason lathe road close by police, any idea what's going on?
  2. thanks nikki-red for filling in the bits that i omitted, what would the joker have done with out you?
  3. any idea why police and fire engine opposite the co-op and police blocking the other entrance to courts opposite the old market this afternoon??
  4. lost locking nut key for 3 pin nut any idea on how to remove them?? or can any one lend me one for SRi wheels? thanks
  5. she is out of theater now, awake and alert, but staff still quite worried, big big thanks to air ambulance and ambulance service. we are blessed with having the children's hospital in sheffield
  6. that's what i thought! but maybe just bad choice of words?? i hope so
  7. air ambulance called as the little girl has a fractured skull, all our thoughts and wishes are with her and the family at this time
  8. anyone know if sanctuary housing still have 2 weeks rent free policy?
  9. the noise was all night! sounded like the old steel works drop hammer!
  10. do we yet know whats going on at lane top/firthpark?
  11. thanks for sharing the photo's, i was a ladle man up to 1974 and loved it, including the plumpers pub run's.
  12. does any one remember ARTHUR HILLBERT? melter in 70's true gentleman. i worked in melting shop from 1974 -1978. tony horton, alan clarke, fred stanbrough and all the rest from that time. hard work but enjoyed every minute.
  13. get sky news on and see the parade of our soldiers going to afganistan
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