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  1. I once knew a lady from Norway , She swung by her legs in the doorway, She said " don't be so shy, give it a try I think that I've just found one more way ". I once knew a girl from Dundee, and I put my hand on her knee, She said " come on my love, heaven's above ", I said " I know, but I'm late for my tea ! ".
  2. The flying chips was Rawsons Chip Shop
  3. Mr G W Taylor "guts", was a very nice chap. ---------- Post added 29-06-2018 at 18:16 ---------- He was known as Mini Baker, if memory serves.
  4. Abbeydale picture palace, and the drinks shop nearby. Horlicks in a proper Horlicks type.mug.
  5. Podge (JR) , I have stacks of photographs of my family who lived at two places on Ranskill Road.They are not of Ranskill Road, just my family. John Wilford Mather. ---------- Post added 28-11-2014 at 01:23 ---------- I can send them to you by Email.I have them scanned in. John. ---------- Post added 28-11-2014 at 02:22 ---------- If memory serves, my grandad Wilford Mather, my Grandma Louise Math er, my dad Jack Mather my Auntie Freda and my Auntie Louie lived at 59 Ranskill Road. I think that Len Badger the footballer lived next door. ---------- Post added 28-11-2014 at 02:25 ---------- There was a chap called Jack Dowson who lived up the road. He made televisions. ---------- Post added 28-11-2014 at 02:31 ---------- My Auntie Louis (Maskery, nee Mather) died in 1973. She was only in her fourties. Uncle Frank Maskery died in 1979, aged about 56. We don't " make old bones".
  6. Very upset. I thought that he had it sorted. Lost for words x
  7. If Sue wants to give me a ring my batphone number is 07504 734802. All the best, John. ---------- Post added 11-10-2013 at 22:09 ---------- As I say, although I wrote to Sue in November 2009, but she lost my address. If you could my Email addres and telephone number by private message it would be much appreciated . When I wrote to her she lived in Woodhouse, but she must be ex directory. As I say, this bloody phone keeps stopping from sending private messages. John. ---------- Post added 14-10-2013 at 16:11 ---------- The matter has been sorted.
  8. :help:Sue is the grandaughter of my Grandad's brother . I am the Grandson of Wilf Mather. Billy was the other brother of my Grandad. He ran a shop in Ranskill Road which he bought with the compensation that he got from saving some fellow miners by shoving a pit prop that he pit prop into a runaway wagon into the rails . Trouble was that although saved the lads it came off the rails and took his leg off. Sue's gran H dad, Jack, was the third brother. Hence Sue is the grandaughter of my great uncle Jack, who had a tash like Jimmy Edwards.Great uncle Billy ( the bloke with the wooden leg who owned the shop) and great uncle Jack, with the tash, both died in about 1958/9.
  9. My Grandad Wilf, and my Grandma lived at number 59. My dad was called John ( but known as Jack) and my Aunty Louie and Auntie Freda lived there as well. If Sue wants to get in touch my Email address is johnw.mather@virgin.net. Johnw.mather@virgin.net I didn't want to give that out, but the private message function doesn't seem to work on this batphone. P.S. I have done a family tree for Sue. Keep smiling - John.
  10. If sue mather wants to send me a pm I can enlighten her. I cannot send PM's apparently. Ta. ---------- Post added 11-10-2013 at 20:21 ---------- I am John Mather . I don't seem to be able to send messages. Your surname must begin with the letter C though. Sue was trying to get in touch, she must have mislaid my letter of November 2009. ---------- Post added 11-10-2013 at 20:23 ---------- That was my Auntie Freda. She died in August 2009. ---------- Post added 11-10-2013 at 20:26 ---------- That was my Auntie Freda. She died in August 2009.
  11. There was a Fish and Chip shop called Mr Chips, when apart from a Chinese, you couldn't get Fish and Chips on Sunday nights.
  12. I wasn't impressed with them, and that was just a standard landline.
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