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  1. http://www.tritectraining.co.uk/ Does some hardware maintenance courses, ages ago when I did it I did a course they also found me 3 months work placement at a school as a computer technician, it maybe worth a look. Im not sure what formal qualifications places look for now, I joined a company that wasnt/isnt too fussy about what you have as long as you have experiance, or even willingness to learn (its lacking with the recent people here), although if you get a manufacturers qual then I can see that helpfull such as a HP server accreditation or IBM desktop repair.
  2. Another one for Autodynamics at don vally here, was down today an they did a nice cheap job, nice people too.
  3. Anyone heard about this ? traffic lights out ettc in the Hillsborough area for a while now.
  4. Hi, I have had a few days holiday and have spent the time local just driving around but I have often wondered which land is around is totally free land you can march across and have a picnic in and which is owned by someone and classed as trespassing. I am scared I will be chased off by some farmer but surly somewhere I can know which areas are out of bounds, to me it all looks to same and im often put off exploring somewhere cos it could be owned by someone.
  5. Thanks Ha3el, only pic I could find is... http://alex-pettyfer.broken-faith.net/Gallery/albums/userpics/10001/gmtv.JPG and that dont show much of the logo, i'll keep looking tho
  6. Heyy. I was watching gmtv 2 days ago and the star from the new action movie (stormblower or something) was interviewed and he had a real nice jacket on, but I have no idea what kind it is etc.. I did see it had a fire logo tho with a border below it, any of you guys in the know to tell me which company that could be ? (I did think firetrap but since shecking I dont think that is one of there logos) bit of a poor post but dunno where else to ask
  7. Exactly, so if they take away your only reason to go to Meadowhall over the city center, you'll be more likely to go into town.
  8. Im another one who will agree with Direct line, one of the chespest I found and I hope going with such a big company will ensure claims an what not will go much more smoothly an quickly than some back street insurance company I never heard of.
  9. Can you get access to the fairhomes area ? I was going to go for a drive around it today but it said it was closed except for access.
  10. Where is the petrol station at hillsborough corner ? I cant place one at all.
  11. What is your recurring nightmare ? I over the years often have a nightmare of being in a strange or fareaway place barefoot, and have to walk home or get a bus. I dont know why but it feels really scary and I often wake up scared, and I have these quite often, I am fully clothed apart from being barefoot (no trainers an socks in the middle of town!) Also another one I have although not as often as the basefoot one is being on the top run of a ladder, and the ladder falls backwards ontop of me, its scary and I always seem to wake up once hitting the ground. Does anyone else have a recurring nightmare and wonder if anyone else has the same ??
  12. That road offers plenty of stretches that permit over taking legilly and safely tho.
  13. Yea I also made that mistake the first warehouse clearance when I found out where it really was I cba to go.
  14. I have not been to the last one but I doubt you need a trade type card, maybe a visa tho Remeber tho its not the woodburn road site, check the map for the warehouse location
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