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  1. My cousin works there and it was meant to be Frasers on the lower floor and Flannels on the upper floor. Day before 2nd lockdown the staff were told that they were being made redundant. Flannels is having the lower floor and part of the upper and Zara is having the rest.
  2. Where is the music coming from that we have heard all night? We are in sheffield 5 and it is still playing!
  3. I have had the same problem! Also the live departure tracker on my phone does not give arrival time only the scheduled time.
  4. Anyone know what's happened at the top of Fairthorn Road? Police car been parked there all night and CSI van there most of today.
  5. The 38 is still so unreliable! Waited 50 minutes today because 1 bus was missing and the next 10 minutes late.
  6. If the P1,P2 and 87 are not running through Longley how on earth do people travel anywhere????
  7. We ordered a chair from them. Was told it would be delivered within 3weeks. After 3 weeks I rang to find out when it would be delivered and was told they would ring the supplier but it would probably be another week or two! I asked for a refund but was told that wasn't possible. I went to the shop and said again I wanted a refund as the chair had not been delivered as promised and Iwas told one had just been delivered to the warehouse! We received it the next day. Will not be buying from them again.
  8. I lived on Attercliffe Common from 1961 to 1968/9. Went to Carbrook infant and junior school. Lived next door to Doreens Hairdressers. Remember Julie Smith Eileen Holmes Susan Berry.
  9. True. It doesn't help when you are on your final warning at work for being late either!
  10. I rely on the 38 to get me to work at Meadowhall. Over the last 3 months I have complained about missing buses at least 4 times. I complained to First each time and got a letter back from them with various reasons as to why this happened. Each reply also included a South Yorkshire day saver ticket. Whilst I am grateful for the free travel I would prefer a reliable bus service!
  11. If you live in a council flat you are not allowed any carpets, plants etc on the landings due to fire regulations! We are leaving ours until we are told to move them. Will look like we live in an institution
  12. Just moved back to the area after a few years and heard mixed things about it. Think it will be our local as there's not a lot more pubs around there now!
  13. Would welcome comments on the Dev On Norwood Road?
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