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  1. Yes Ghozer thats what they are ding, they said in the winter they only have the heating on twice a week and switch the lecky off, none of them work, hes on disability for a bad back, they run 3 cars, think it says it all, but i aint listening to a generator running at night
  2. Thanks alice, its not so noisy but more annoying, sometimes , like the other day it was hot, we had the windows open and it smelled of petrol in the house. i was looking to see if there was any law about generating your own electricity in a residential house with elecrtic supply
  3. Hi my neighbour, 2 or three times a week has started running a petrol generator in their garden. Its turned on at around 7pm and turned off when i complain at their door, I dont know what they run from it they have a wire in through the kitchen door but they have a good electricity supply to their house the same as the rest of the street. Its a petrol one and quite noisy, if the winds in the wrong direction our house smells of petrol inside, i have 3 young children and they are in bed for 9pm. What can i do? whats the laws on this type of thing?
  4. My how time goes by a year since you left me, never a day goes by without a thought of you, miss you loads dad
  5. So how could our boss in dubai get all the sky channels free not just sport? And why did the man at sky say "yes you could get sky free with a foreign receiver but sky wouldnt want you to know that"
  6. surely kenthack sky wouldnt know who was picking there signal out the air? Like tv detector vans never existed, they track you buy your tv licence. Theres been something similar to this earlier in the year a pub landlady did what i suggested shes won the first round in european court, but she was in a pub down south, but like i said i would keep my sky subscription to a mininum they wouldnt know which reciever i was watching on, would they?
  7. Hi where i used to work we had another depot in dubaii, the manager came over to visit for a week and stayed in a hotel. He told us the next day he couldnt believe we had to pay for sky tv. In dubai it was free, all the channels including movies and sports. so it came to my attension that the decription sky use is built into your sky box not the signal from the satellite. I rang sky to alter my sky package and i got on to this subject and the sky man said yes its free abroad, like when you go to spain and the local bar has sky sports on, they dont pay for it. I said to him if i bought a cheap foreign satellite reciever and plugged my sky dish into it already pointing at the satellite would i get free sky. The sky man said yes i think you would get it all free but sky dont want you to know this. I woould split the cable and still have sky on a minimum monthly package so i could still record but this would save me £50 a month. What does anyone think, lets get round this rip off britain thing
  8. Hi nubirth ive found the answer. What you do is sign up a google adwords account you can set up an advertising campaign for your video. youtube and google are partners. set up an ad campaign with £5 but set your campaign to "pause" so it doesnt run, you dont loose your fiver then. Log into youtube and because you have an adwords account running (they dont know you have paused it) they let you embed your URL into your video.
  9. Does anyone know if lots of referral traffic to my website will improve my google page rank? Its traffic from a relavant website to mine up to 1000 visitors daily, this has only been happening for a few days so too early to tell.
  10. All im saying is we all work for a pitance and its the governments way to keep it like that. It shouldnt be allowed
  11. Its still blackmail, if you were to have 2 weeks unpaid leave from work to say go on holiday you wouldnt loose your tax credits or child benefit.
  12. Yes but tax credits are based on a yearly income. If a worker was to strike it would only lower his annual salary by a small amount and not affect his working tax credit or basic tax credit. What they are saying is strike for 2 weeks and your benefits stopped for 2 weeks. Nothing to live on so "if i were you dont strike" thats how it reads to me its blackmail.
  13. I know theres a big thing at the moment about benefit handouts but am i hearing correctly, the government is to announce that any low paid worker that goes on strike will loose there working tax credits and any benefits they get. Surely this is just short of communism. Its been every workers right to strike, this has gone on for donkies years. Its still the same nothing has changed but isnt this a sly way of stopping strikes? Are they saying youve got to work for nothing with no pension just shut up and get on with it? Bearing in mind we are in a deep recession and the likely hood of strikes is getting greater by the day. They cannot be allowed to pass this its aimed at low paid workers, the ones most likely to strike. This is just scarring people even more to just work for nothing, Isnt this just slave labour. Who ever voted these people in? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/benefits-strike-workers-stop-134907194.html
  14. Hi i run a website and would like to make a slideshow video with music for youtube. I would also like to make the video clickable ie a viewer can click on the video and be taken to my website. Im struggling to find a good easy software programme to do it, I dont want to put it on disc and to save it on my pc it has to be in a youtube friendly format. Im also lost with making the website link. I dont want to put the video on my website just to link back to the website from youtube. Ive tried linkedtube and its very good but how do i get the embed code into my video on youtube ive looked round all the controls and it doesnt seem to give me the oportunity, there is a bit where you can use the youtube code to embed the video to a website but i dont want to do this. If i just change the code to the linktube code there is no way of saving it, where am i going wrong and what do i do does anyone know?
  15. Hi all my partner has got a samsung tocco light from a friend called "walt" . It was originally a contract phone on orange, its now on pay as you go on orange. About ten times a day it comes up with a warning saying "walt no response" we have gone through all the menus and the handbook but cant find anywhere we can stop these warnings, its as if its trying to connect to something. Has anyone come across this before with this model? We really need to stop the warnings because its using credit up on the phone with it being pay as you go. Can anyone help? We have contacted "walt" and it used to do it to him and he doesnt know how to stop it either :-(
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