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  1. Can anyone recommend a good self defence or practical martial arts class in Sheffield? Ideally something that is pay as you train rather than a monthly contract. Thanks all
  2. My son has decided on a bike from Halfords, I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on which branch in/around Sheffield is most trusted to get the bike set up properly? I realise that some might say that JE James or somewhere like that might be better but he's set on a particular model so there's no further discussions on that. Cheers in advance
  3. Yeah it's a huge con. You may well want it to be genuine but that's exactly what the sender will be hoping for, they prey on the hopeful and needy. Do not even respond, if they are made aware that they have up to date contact details they will sell those details (they call them sucker lists) to others that may try to scam your Dad as well. To sum up......SCAM!!!!!!!!
  4. Is there any reason you just want to build your biceps? If its purely to fill your t-shirt then focus on the triceps instead, they're a much larger muscle compared to the bicep and can be built using body-weight based push exercises like pushups and dips, so no free weights needed. If you're fixed on building the bicep, you'll need to find pull exercises to target them. If you don't have access to free weights, why no knock out some pull ups on a (strong) overhanging tree branch.
  5. chips and cheese are a students staple diet (not being studentist, I used to be one), I'd imagine its a new student trying to impress his new found mates by doing something funny to assert herself as the alpha male. Either that or just a general numbskull. Wouldnt be surprised if a clip turned up on YouTube
  6. There's no answer to that, it could be anytime but common sense would suggest they will call you in opening hours, which doesn't narrow it down too much as that places is pretty much open every waking hour.
  7. What's the rush? You're not going to get a NVQ (as it's already been pointed out, GNVQ's haven't been awarded for 4 years) in two weeks or however quickly you want to get it. You're probably looking at studying for a year or two to get an NVQ, or if you're in work already, some employers offer work based NVQ's (Business Admin, Food Preparation etc) which I believe can be completed as quickly as the candidate likes, even in that case you might be looking at six months.
  8. Gareth who owns the garage is a top bloke, always very helpful and what's more, he does a great job for a great price
  9. Honesty is always the best policy. Chances are, if you say it's £3k and it's a one off payment, it won't affect your entitlement, you might just have to show them an award letter/statement. Bearing in mind when you're receiving benefit you're legally obliged to inform DWP etc of any changes in your situation. They will decide how that change affects your benefit
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