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  1. Be interested to have your views Makapaka....
  2. Was really looking forward to Varasani opening but so so disappointed. Ordered a takeaway (no delivery but not important). Ordered Butterfly Prawns and Samosa starters, Chicken Tikka Masala, rice and Garlic Naans. It was truly one of the worst meals which I have ever thrown in the bin. 2 tiny prawns - which tasted ok but ludicrously small. Samosas were good. The Chicken Tikka Masala was appalling and to my mind inedible - I can only describe the sauce as Tomato soup containing about 10 spoons of sugar. Bread - just wrong. I love good Indian food and was bitterly disappointed - will not be going there again.
  3. Many thanks ---------- Post added 17-06-2016 at 14:08 ---------- Many thanks
  4. I heard that a really nice Fabric shop has opened in Hillsborough - can't remember the name - does anyone know of this. Believe it is called something Hare.
  5. We thought the starters were OK, the mains not brilliant and quite expensive for what it was. Friendly waitress though. When the bill came it was over £40 more than it should have been - they had accidentally charged us for someone elses food too. It was sorted amicably though
  6. Red Ruby at Hangingwater are excellent. Fantastic menu and they deliver too.
  7. Born in Jessops,then lived in Hillsborough,Walkley,Heeley,Gleadless,London,Stevenage,Milton Keynes,Nigeria,Qatar,Oman,Bahrain, Qatar again and now Sandygate.
  8. Happy Christmas and a great New Year everyone.
  9. I would also be interested in a Sheffield course. I believe classes have already started in various cities, London, Birmingham and Manchester and others. There is no fixed fee but a donation is welcome.
  10. Andy is now working outside John Lewis in Barkers Pool.
  11. Can recommend 1st Class,1stChoice - Greenhow Street, Walkley. Have been using them for years and they have never let us down, very reliable and competitive. Tel:0114 2331875.
  12. Good idea, Also write to Waitrose Head Office
  13. I totally agree and will also be buying from Andy outside the Town Hall. Let's all try to keep Andy's moral up…..and hope he has record sales this month.
  14. As a Waitrose shopper, I sometimes bought a Big Issue from Andy but not every week. The times I didn't buy there was never a problem with him and he was equally pleasant on every occasion that I saw him. Just an honest guy trying to make a living. Please don't judge him, none of us know what kind of life or background or problems he has had. I do hope Waitrose show a little compassion and reinstate Andy.
  15. ikea - very reasonably priced and good selection - you can buy online.
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