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  1. Sorry, cant provide any more info now. It'll have to wait until late tomorrow night or Sunday, prob after 5pm because I've got an extremely hectic day. It was a poster in a shop and I cant remember whether there was a link.
  2. Some kind of walk with an opportunity to experience wild life/organic food etc. Meeting up by the Hunters Bar roundabout. No charge but I gather from the leaflet that donations would be appreciated. Nothing to do with SF at all.
  3. Why dont you write and ask him???? BUT send it by Recorded Delivery because I am still waiting for my MP to have the good manners to acknowledge a letter I sent him in respect of a matter which requires him to secure a written answer from the relevant Secretary of State. I sent a follow-up by recorded delivery at the same time as I sent a Recorded Delivery follow up to a solicitor and we all know they are notoriously slower than snails.
  4. St Lukes Hospice collect free of charge and at your convience. This has been done countless times before and the search button is that <------- way.
  5. So much for transparency and accountability. A total lack of responsibility is more like it. This really does make me extremely cross.
  6. So much for transparency and accountability. A total lack of responsibility is more like it.
  7. Can anyone find their contact details on their website and I DONT mean their complaint form. I mean their address, telephone number and fax number because I cant and if it is there it's not immediately obvious. Email address may be pushing it a bit because I would imagine its an online contact us form to avoid all of the stuff and nonsense with spammers. I'll be very pleasantly surprised if this information is publicly available because I'll lay odds they must be so inundated with utility supplier complaints that they wont want irritated personal callers like me.
  8. That's what left me totally gobsmacked me - the geezer expected me to accept his scrappy note in PENCIL without a detailed breakdown or drawings of what he was expecting me to consider and to take an instant decision. Dont know which planet he lives on but it certainly werent where I came from.
  9. The only other comment I'd add to all of this excellent advice is to ensure you make your loan repayments as close as possible to the receipt of the monthly update because the accrued interest will be less.
  10. Limitations Act on consumer credit contracts is 6 years so it's a case of damage limitation and get in touch with the finance people as rapidly as possible to sort it out.
  11. BINGO ECStASY :D:D BRB Tomorrow night to sort out your bill if that's OK with you. Profoundly grateful.
  12. I did the same after British Gas estimated usage of £100 for the hottest summer on record. I was away most of the time and apart from some cooking hardly used the gas at all.
  13. Similar spiel except he was white so couldnt take that line which would have got no shrift with me so I'd have shown him my last bank statement and asked if he'd like to either clear it or take it over.
  14. I very seriously doubt it. I think thee/me, more likely thee is beyond redemption
  15. At home and profoundly grateful I didnt and dont have a tele so couldnt see this highly gruesome, tragic massacre imposed on everyone with a TV.
  16. Definitely recommend Alton & James on Sharrowvale Road. Their advice and herbal remedies have worked a treat for me. You may also find making dietary changes and moving away from additives etc could be beneficial. Think there's a lot of truth to the concept " you are what you eat". I am delighted to say that most interestingly our revered HMG have moved away from loading diets with salt etc as was the case a few years ago and are now looking at salt free diets. which makes this yet another major volte vace on the government's part or have I got my facts wrong???? :confused:
  17. Well LC I think this must be one of those very rare occasions when we see eye to eye. What really put my nose out of joint was when I asked this character for a confrimed quote, he wrote stuff down in pencil on a scrap of paper with their Office number for any queries. If they're so good why cant I have a confirmed quote before they make an appointment for me to see their flaming surveyor who will charge an arm and two legs for the privilege by the sound of things???? :rant:
  18. Yeah - please read Nick2 he said he wasnt a salesman and was only a kitchen designer ie the first line of defence when I objected to his methods/tactics. Thank goodness I'm not frightened of saying no if needs be
  19. He also asked if i was seeing their colleagues at Dolphin Showers/Bathrooms which I was but apparently i wasnt on their system, they couldnt make it at 9am and only had 10 am slots so I told 'em not to bother. And by the sound of things they havent The most alarming thing is that this character said many people made instant decisions on the day and then rather quickly added that "they'd done their homework" which gave me the excellent cop out of Well I havent and you're the first person I've seen.
  20. How ever did you guess???? I was very happy to show him the door. *chuckle chuckle*.
  21. Having a rant about this guy to advise on suitable kitchen plans who moved very quickly on to the hard sales pitch like what's stopping you take a decision now and all possible permutations with as many different variations. Told him plainly that given the cost I wouldnt take a decision today and needed to think about it which I thought was reasonable enough or so I thought. Really put my nose out of joint to find myself repeating the same message in at least 10 different ways and he then had the nerve to tell me he was just a kitchen designer and not a salesman. :rant:
  22. Sent you a PM. Now only need a convenient time for this afternoon plus your contact details and I'll be round as fast as poss.
  23. I cant see what's to stop the OP asking Environmental Housing for advice about how to handle the neighbour's and their totally unacceptable behaviour. I'd also have reservations about reporting them if they're on the dole, without an indicaiton that there are grounds for doing so. For a start they'd instantly suspect you and I very much doubt they'd give you the benefit of the doubt. It is then likely to result in an escalation of animosity and acrimony which I hope is the last thing you'd want. There are some bad neighbour sites on the net and I'll see if I can find a link for you later on but got to go now.
  24. Good cooling system is important in laptops particularly because they have very little space and can overheat easily. Dell's post sales technical support is not reputed to be that brilliant. Expect less value for money when compared to a desktop.
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