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  1. I agree Nonnas sells nice stuff and it is expensive!....anyway, if you are looking for real Italian stuff.... http://www.etalianfood.com It`s not expensive and they have always nice offers!
  2. Hi there, check this out...this is really really good Italian food! http://www.etalianfood.com I did my order recently....best Italian experience ever! I advice to have a large order...delivery is free... G
  3. Yes, we had a lot of fun last week! If you missed it...we are back tomorrow for the second class. Saturday at U-Mix Center, Asline Road. Sheffield, 10 to 10.45. We have some interesting capoeira games this week! Class is open to boy and girls 5 to 8 yrs old! See you tomorrow!
  4. Hi Everybody, Capoeira School Sheffield starts a new weekly class for children. First class will be this Saturday (the 6th of April 2013) at U-Mix Center, Asline Road. Sheffield. Class kicks off at 10 am until 10.45. (£3) Boys and girls from 5 to 8 yrs are all invited to join in. Hurry up, only 15 spaces are available! See you there!
  5. Looking for good quality wood floor in Sheffield. Any suggestions? G
  6. Thanks, I will give him a call on Monday. G
  7. I am going to have an internal wall with exposed bricks. Bricks have been cleaned, I need now somebody who can nicely point and seal...any advice? Thanks G
  8. Stay away from Yorkshire Glazing...very poor service!
  9. Hi, You may want to try Capoeira. It`s not competitive, it`s not aggressive and it`s fun!! you can even train with your children! We have a class on Sunday at Sport Hallam (SHU Collegiate Campus) from 14.00 to 16.00 where few children will join in starting from this week. We have also a Wednesday class at 18.00 at THE HUBS, SHU UNION and other two classes in Garden Street on Tuesday and Friday from 19.00 to 20.00. Have a look at the website http://www.capoeirasheffield.com. Classes are open to everybody and and there are no membership fees! Contact me if you want more details! Gabry
  10. Capoeira Sheffield is part of the Get Active Week at SHU. Free Capoeira Class this Wednesday (01 Feb 2012) at 18.00 in The Hubs. pod C. Class is open to everyone. If you want to try something new that`s your opportunity!! Capoeira it`s the Brazilian martial art with music and dance! Hope to see you there. http://www.capoeirasheffield.com G
  11. Hi everyone, A new capoeira class will start Sunday the 29th of Jan from 2 to 4 in the Collegiate Sport Centre (the Pearson Building on Broomgrove Rd - S102BP). If you are a member of the SHU Sport Centre the class is free, otherwise class is open to everyone £ 3.50. Come along for a lot of fun and great workout! More details on http://www.capoeirasheffield.com G.
  12. Hi everyone, Capoeira classes start again after the Xmax break! Tue and Fri 18.00 Croft House in Garden Street Thru 18.00 The Hubs SHU Union. Classes are open to all levels. Come along to have some fun and good training! http://www.capoeirasheffield.com
  13. Hi there, who can advice me on insulation. I was thinking of putting thermal foil underneath eco-wool for my loft insulation. Its bloody freezing here. Is it smart to combine two different insulation materials? If yes which ones and in which order? Thanks G
  14. If you have money, try a smarter way to spend them...don`t give your money to Virgin Active!
  15. H there, I am looking for cheap floor boards for my loft. Anybody knows where I can find a good deal? Thanks Gabry
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