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  1. Oh right (none the wiser) What's 'the treatment?
  2. I can see why my signature caused you some problems
  3. We like the company of others and its likely that of those one will become the one we like to be around more than others due to likes or dislikes or sense of humour or anyway what do teachers know!
  4. Yes he should read up on Prohibition that would give some idea of likely scenarios.
  5. As you say it's a part of our culture but not theirs. Remove those groups you spoke of and the majority of us will still drink won't we. Don't forget that there are members of our own 'culture' that abstain from drinking so should we also drop them into the mix and play the racism card. You can't cry racism simpy because non drinking cutures arrive and settle here.
  6. hmmm one Direction are popular (drums fingers)
  7. There's also the case of so called health and safety measures being implemented by idiots who lets face it, are more worried for what may happen and the litigation that has become a part of our equally idiotic and greedy society. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2029404/Health-safety-bans-end-Chris-Graylings-10-barmy-diktats.html
  8. A bit tenuous then and as we have the choice of drinking or not then by choosing to drink alcohol we surely choose to pay the duty, don't we?
  9. It's a genuine question, I don't see the connection between the pricing of alcohol and racism.
  10. Yes thank you I can How's yours coming along?
  11. I'm with Geared. It would be nice to cycle once again but i have a 40 mile round trip and that's using the motorway.
  12. Fair point Clown Shoes. If we did a role reversal, I wonder how many poor folk finding themselves rich or even just better off would give a flying fig about the have-nots.
  13. Ooooh! won't be going to that pub though check the reviews
  14. I don't know then. Perhaps we're a nation of tarts now going to the quack for every little thing.
  15. Population's expanded by more than a few million since then though.
  16. You'd think nil-nil would increase their interest in what the fans are up to.
  17. I think the urge to topple something is great for a child, it's just a something that loads of kids do. It has nothing to do witrh being encouraged it's a kid thing. I think you're reading too much into it. We used to pick up branches lying on the ground and break them against the trunks of trees, why does there have to be some psychological problem involved, it's a boy thing.
  18. Because like you and I they have axes to grind and they don't like assholes
  19. We are a lot nearer than the USA and they'll never guess it was us
  20. I agree and it's difficult to see how they can prevent unsuitable content being available even for a short time to an age group that shouldn't be witness. Reality is not nice at times.
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