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  1. I thought someone had dropped a sausage in the snow, when we attempted to fry it it didn't half smell. It also melted in the frying pan as we tried to cook it
  2. I reckon they were coming down the hill, tried to apply the brakes, said "oh no" and then crashed into the wall. I reckon the driver said "oh bo....bother" after the impact
  3. Oh god its here, the snow has arrived - were all going to die. :sad: Should we not have the air raid sirens? surely the council could get the old 2nd world war sirens going when the snow arrives. Does it not have a duty to protect its citizens?
  4. I can see this being 6 goal thriller. 6 - 0 to Yeovil.
  5. Today is the day of the big freeze comrades, please do not fear. Read my post and it may offer words of comfort to ease your fears. If you do venture out in the car, please have a survival kit at the ready. For example, take a snow shovel, some salt, take a few army issue survival tablets, warm soup, take a warm sleeping bag and wear a warm coat. Make sure your car has plenty of petrol so you can complete the journey THINK - JOURNEY, EVALUATE - the journey then ask "do I have enough fuel in my car?" at this point you have to make an informed judgement. If for example, your car is almost empty of fuel, then it is unwise to attempt to drive along the Snake Pass to Manchester to visit the Morrisons near Oldham - much better to visit the MOrrisons at Hillsborough. Do not take any suicide tablets with you - there is no need to think you need to kill yourself, this weather will only last for ONE DAY. SO a drastic course of action is not needed should you find yourself on Penistone Road when the snow starts to fall. HAVE FOOD, is your freezer empty? then go to the shops, go to a local shop. Again do not drive to Manchester for a loaf of bread, again if you do make sure you have enough petrol in your car to complete the journey. STAY WARM - the best way to do this is to STAY INDOORS, put the heating on, watch a few dirty old DVDS in the loft that you may not have seen for some time. If you go out WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHES, wear a warm coat, warm shoes and waterproof clothing. LADYS are known to be silly at this time of year, LADYS, wear warm clothing, if you must venture out, then prepare for the expediation to be undertaken, wear warm clothing (coats) do not go out in a Bikini and Flip flops YOU WILL FREEZE THINK - COLD = CLOTHES, THINK - AIM I WARM? if you are not warm, evaluate where you are. If you are standing outside in the garden, you may want to think about going inside your home. MAKE REGULAR CALLS TO YOUR LOVED ONES, but don't make too many. I was calling my parents every 2 minutes last year to make sure they were OK, then all of a sudden they stopped picking up the phone, I though "ARE THEY OK?" the police were sent round, and it seemed my parents had taken the phone off the hook. SO make regular calls, but not TOO MANY REGULAR CALLS. REMEMBER - the chances of death during this snow period are slim. DO not panic, evaluate where you are, what you are wearing, what you are doing - if you are attempting to cross the M62, then although you may die (after being ran over by a lorry) this may not be snow related, as you could easily die in summer if you attempted to cross the motorway. DON'T PANIC OR OVERREACT - remember, worse things have happened to people in the past, Charles the 1st had his head cut off and thats far worse than being stuck on Penistone Road in the snow
  6. The trouble these days is that lads these days are like a ferret up a drain pipe, or like rabbit running into a hole. Thats the root of the problem. But then others might say why bother with the effort of trying to do a days work when the costs for workers are ever rising, the things that workers cannot avoid (such as car insurance) are rising. And before some bright spark says use the bus, its quite hard these days to get a job that happens to be on a bus route, and jobs these days tend not to be in walking distance from your home
  7. If it was the dog that did the plop, then why are you not directing you anger towards the dog? If it ws the woman who pooped on the pavemet, then I would understand why you were so angy.
  8. The staff clearly make changes to common working practices when OFSTED are in town and visiting schools. Standards that are not normally adhered to are put right in time for the visit, so it clearly is a tick box thing. Even at one of the local nurserys my friends 2year old girl did say that she noticed that staff were paying more attention to details, when teaching during an OFSTED visit
  9. Read my book "living alone with a willy", it gives you a list of activities that you can do by yourself. If you have the internet handy there are numerous websites that are aimed at single people
  10. Did you really hold a conversation like that with a 4 and 5 year old? The mind boggles :confused:
  11. Its easy for the schools to prepare when the inspectors arrive. At a Primary School (I won't name) but my 5 year old nephew told me that the staff were putting up various health and safety posters to comply with the inspection, his 4 year old friend made a comment that many of the teachers did come to class far smarter than normal and that his work was being marked in accordance with the standards laid down by the national curriculum. The 4 year old also commented that he felt the use of supply staff was perhaps a breach of the standards that were set down by national guidelines, which were part of the overall package of measures introduced by New Labour, many of which the conservatives are also adhereing to. All the 4 and 5 year olds feel that the teachers are raising the standards simply to pass the inspection, and that standards will slip after the inspectors have left. I hope that the concerns raised by the 4 and 5 year old pupils are taken seriously
  12. We have a strange thing going on in 2012. In the brutal 1970s/1980s, there was competition, men got their frustrations out by taking part in physical sport, if there was a fight then 2 men sorted it out with fists (kicking the other bloke in the cobblers was a no no), and any fight was one man against another, not one man v another man + his 4 mates. Men were far more respectful towards women, and any aggression or violence was viewed as shamefull. Fast forward to 2012 in our liberal times. Sport is deemed too dangerous, there is no competition is schools, yet aggression towards weaker people (women) is not seem as a problem, and if 5 men beat up one lone man, then thats viewed as a win Give me the brutal 1970s anyday
  13. I think you need to have very rich parents if thats the reason for going to university. If money is no object, then YES - university is about broadening the mind. Sadly though for the majority, then aim is to get a decent job at the end of the 3 years
  14. Why call me a duck then? Are go going to start calling people badgers, octopus or even say something like "there you go penguin?"
  15. Babe, love, darling - what gives you the right to call someone darling? A shop assistant called me a duck as she gave me my change, she said "there you go duck" I'm not a flipping duck who the hell does that person think they are? and "there you go?" where do I go? when I asked "where should I go?" she was dumbfounded and puzzled. "there you go duck?"
  16. Exactly, at least if you had a job in those days then you got a decent home. I even read that in 1984 an every home was 24k, and that miners (with overtime) were earning £400 - £500 a week even a manual job at British Steel was apparently well paid. Can you imagine, a years salary and you could buy a home? (and not one that the OP has shown) To put it in laymans terms, in 1997 a terrace at Walkley was £16,000 - now its about £150,000, a place at Hunters Bar was about £40,000 - now £175,000. How on earth can someone pay for a home like that unless you earn 50k per annum? Before some bright spark says "wages have gone up pro rata" - no they haven't, and anyone who claims they have is talking out of their bottom
  17. In my day, a 55k house would get you a detached house in a decent area (that was 1997) and not a c*aphole in a cr*p area. In 1997, if you wanted to live in something like that, you got paid to live there
  18. At least people who are to be executed don't have to worry about getting a bout of food poisoning if the fish hasn't been cooked correctly. If you are to be executed the following morining, then at least it avoids never ending trips to the toilet for the next 5 days if you got the trots
  19. 5 fathers to 4 babys, how does that work? This lady does not seem to have got all her facts straight.
  20. He isn't making monkey jestures To me, it looks like he has accidently sat on a large spike that is now stuck up his bottom
  21. I think that the link between honest hard work and financial reward has been broken, and so for that reason I see nothing wrong with a worker fiddling his/her taxes. When you have a situation as we have now where benefits are to be capped at 26k per anum (35k after tax) and there is uproar from the liberal elite, it shows just how much the link between hard work and reward has been broken over the past few years. Look at the bank bonuses for failure, another example. Other examples could be the rise of the compensation culture, where the scroungers get large payouts, and yet the honest motorist gets hit with 40% increases every year on insurance. People have to fiddle taxes to be able to live 10 or 15 years ago, I would have said you should pay the taxes you owe, but that was more a time when hard work and reward, went together like a large poo in a toilet. I think capping benefits is a good start to rewarding hard work and endevour, I also believe the tax threshold should be raised to about 12k per annum, when these two things happen, then yes, people should be more honest with there taxes. Until that time comes, as far as I'm concerned, there is nothing wrong with fidlling your earnings
  22. If you are on salary when you get sent home, then yes you prey for snow. If you are self employed, then you start to poop your pants - especially if its a prolonged period of snow and your business is losing money
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