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  1. Hi, I'm a film maker with all my own kit looking for aspiring comedy writers/ performers to make experimental comedy shorts. Anyone interested can contact me at babydeltic@btinternet.com Thanks, Dan
  2. If you throw me an email address, I'll send you a few tracks. Love the vid BTW!
  3. Well Im only down the road and am keen to get something up and running! The Cosmic Graveyard vid was an atempt by me to do just that (shot mostly a year ago this very night) It was an attempt to do something with a hope of it viraling - but the guy I was working with had lost interest even before the vid was shot, so it was pretty much dead in the water by that point - its also quite hard to shoot a vid of yourself in a fat suit performing a track on a mobility scooter after necking a bottle of scotch.... It was meant to be the first of several vids but I went back to the day job of making vids for other people... Im already talking to one guy whos very interested in putting something together music wise - ideally Id love to put a band together and take this madness on the road as well as making videos - The plan was to initially build things around some of my old songs, then add/write others once the project is up and running - if your interested I can send you a few more tracks... Cheers, Dan
  4. Its 20 mis with a good tail wind! Nothing good has ever happened or come out of Retford... And Im not expecting it to any time soon! Im actualy lookin for something over in Sheff, as I spend a lot of time there.
  5. Hey folks, Im an "off the wall", singer/ songwriter, early 40s on the look out for musicians who have a sense of humour and don't take themselves too seriously and are looking to create something a little different from the norm - It might mean forming a totally new band or joining an existing one.Take a listen to some of my previous material to get the general idea of where Im coming from - although Im quite open to new ideas. http://www.bandmix.co.uk/leonard-valve/
  6. Hey Archie, I like where your coming from - you can check me out here: http://www.bandmix.co.uk/leonard-valve/ Give me a shout if your interested! Cheers, Dan
  7. Hi, Ive only just realised how misleading my post is - Im looking for bands / artists to get involved with on music projects that may lead to videos... Id be happy to make you a vid thro http://www.lightenginefilms.co.uk
  8. Hi Jelly, This is all sounding rather interesting.... Heres some of my old stuff: http://www.bandmix.co.uk/leonard-valve/ If the general vibe is of interest give me a shout! Cheers
  9. ...until I have made 5 posts - which is now! Heres some of my old tracks and a vid: http://www.bandmix.co.uk/leonard-valve/ Heres my video site : http://www.lightenginefilms.co.uk cheers, LV
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