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  1. Has anyone had this? For past two weeks i have been getting a soreness in one area of my bump- it is getting worse and the feeling is bit like a burning sensation. I visited the hospital last week to get checked over as was worried and everythign seems ok but they thought it might be muscles seperation. I have since read up on this and apparently this is easily diagnosed by a scan or physical examination. It is getting worse and is making me think whether i should finish work early- i am due to finish a week tomorrow as it does feel worse when i am sat upright at my desk i have my next Midwife appointment tomorrow so going to ask her to check me out properly- i just want to know properly what is going on If anyone else out there has or is experiencing this let me know
  2. We are looking at getting either the Angelcare onr Tommy Tippee monitor with the sensor pad and wondered if anyone has used it in a moses basket? Online i have seen loads of forums with people saying they did use it but wasn't sure how as all baskets have a lining- so do you put the pad directly under the mattress then had the lead just coming out of the basket or do you put some mdf between the stand and the basket and have the pad on that... or, have the paid under the lining and have the lead coming out of a gap in the wicket base?
  3. someone i know recently went to a children's party in Ecclesall Woods- they all mades fires and dens and was perfect for boys. i dont know the costd etc but if you went on their website i am sure it would say
  4. my baby is due end of May. I had liked the idea of a duvet because until they were at an age old enough for one, i was going to make the cot every day with the quilt, just so it looked nice. then take it off before i put him/ her to bed. I just thought with a coverlet it might not look right- like the bed was unmade...maybe that is me being mad though!
  5. On some of the bedding from mammas and pappas you get a quilt and some you get a coverlet- which is best to get?
  6. I have got my eye on that Timbuktales one- it is really lovely (just sooo expensive) but may be tempted...
  7. Hey, i am looking for the bedding for our nursery- we aren't finding out what we are having so needs to be unisex. However we dont want just cream or white. I have looked everywhere but can't find anything i really like! Maybe i am being too picky Does anyone know of any places that sell some nice bedding/ curtains etc?
  8. Thanks for your help. So by ringing that number do i get to just speak to another midwife on the phone or do i have to book in an appointment? i no longer live in Sheffield but Chesterfield now.
  9. I have just had my 24 week appointment with my midwife (i am 23.5 weeks but she couldn't see my next week). I told her about how ill i felt on Saturday- had upset tummy and i had really back back and lower tummy ache (like period pains) which lasted from about 6.30pm until the middle of the night. It was really horrible and extra scary as i was in the house on my own. Since then i have lost some of my appettie (especially round lunchtime) too My friend who has been pregnant before put it down to growing pains. But when i told my midwife she reallyc asually just said it could have been my body preparing to go into labour!! I was really shocked by this but she didn't seem that concerned and said that because i rested that weekend it may have stopped it from going any further. She said if it happens again to call the hospital. I am now soooo worried- it is my first pregnancy so everythign i experience is new to me. What does everyone think? Also, what checks did everyone else's midwife do at the 24 week apt? Mine just listened to the baby's heartbeat and took my blood pressure but i have heard that some check the size and posistion of the baby. Thanks
  10. Hey, thank you for the responses- really appreciate them However, i do defintiley want to try the Gina Ford routine from day one. I know some peope dont agree with her ideas but having read the book it makes sense to me. Forgetting about whether you agree with the routine or not, does any have the answers to my questions... i am probabely reading the book wrong but just cant make sense of it!
  11. Hey, i am reading Gina Ford's Contented Little Baby Book and i am planning on following her routine. However, i am a bit confused about the expressed milk bit. In the book it says in the routine for breastfeeding for the 1st week that you express 60-90ml at 6.45am and then 60ml at 10.45am. But i am unsure when to give the baby the milk i express? The only mention of giving the baby a bottle of expressed milk is at the 10.30pm feed (page 57) So do i give the milk from both expressing sessions at the 10.30pm feed? If so, do i express into two different bottles and give the baby both bottles at this feed? However it then also says on page 57 to express milk at 9.30-10pm to ensure milk supply is maintained and that you have enough for the feed in the night. I am really confused, because on page 114 where it outlines the routine for week 1, it says to just express at 6.45am and 10.45am and does not mention expressing at 9.30-10pm. This is our first child so we are learning lots- so sorry if this is a really silly question! Any help on this would be amazing
  12. Has anyone got one of these and would you recommend them? I am thinking of buying one but worried that unless i buy a really expensive one, it may be unreliable which may make me really anxious? I thought it would be nice to have one so me and my husband can listen to the baby's heartbeat when we like but maybe it might not be a good idea. Any thoughts or opinons on this would be grateful
  13. thanks everyone- i feel much bette now and think it is for the best if i have it done
  14. Hi, i am almost 16 weeks pregnant and i have my flu jab booked in today. However, i am feeling worried in case having it poses any kind of risk to the unborn baby. I don't really care about me- i am more than prepared to put up with catching the flu or cold, i just want to do what is best for the baby. I have read online it doesn't hold any risk but i still feel worried Has anyone had it?
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