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  1. well l live less then one mile away from the four that as been put now l dont complain better that nuclear power in my back garden l was a kid when the M1 was being built at Tinsley and Brinsworth did folk complain about that about the amount of cars and how they would never use it that as been a saving in more ways than one in its life time and a cost the the tax payer but you dont moan about that
  2. the 19b also goes the hospital some of the maltby buses do we are a friendly lot just ask we wont bite
  3. hi got mine from dunhlem mill shop real easy to put up and cut to size if l can do it anyone can
  4. School maybe the safest place for the boy cold/flu or not if it was any child ill l would have to wonder why. l also went to the doctor's for the flu jab l don't go anywhere else at the moment due to ill health and a few days later caught a cold bug thing and pasted that onto my mother now that makes me one bad pussy cat
  5. l used to live on kelvin flats in the 80's and saw a lot of life good and bad could never understand at the time why people would come to the flats to jump off when the kids was out of school my daughter saw more than one while she was growing up. The young kids slinging things off the sides was an every day thing l lived very near the lifts and rubbish hold they would just come and sling it over for the fun of it at the cars, if you was using the lift or stairs it was lucky dip when you made a run for it at the bottom some times l was fit in them days lol
  6. have to say love that one. Dont hold out much hope for you mate your looking too hard, got to keep taking the knocks then you will find the right one. mind you l'm still looking, no not quite true just bought my true loving four legged friend he does not hog the remote yet
  7. l bet the one's who photogenic enough must go past there own, and be a very smug b------d
  8. we saw them at Thurcroft was wondering at the formation of the smoke did not know it was the red arrows now makes sense
  9. that the point l only came across it accidentally. Knowing that the company is running so badly its being banned in other country's yes he should give it back its all tax payer's money
  10. Nice to know that the Boss of Atos just received one million pound in bonus pay. ON the other hand Atos health care support workers have voted by an overwhelming 95% to reject a below inflation pay offer, and now being balloted on strike action.
  11. l worked at banners on the cliffe in the card dept l was 16yr l thought l was real posh l had a job where l did not have to where a overall. then went over to the dry cleaners on the corner for a while,(smith's l think) then the baths working in the slipper baths giving tickets soap taking money as you would come in. did go on to have better jobs ice cream women. maggot gang travel runner thing l used to get paid to take four men to work got they stunk then l thought l would also try you know if a man can do then a women can do better l lasted a month hated the whole maggot farming thing in the 80's
  12. glad all the memory's are coming out good and bad. l was forced to swim there. then later married the caretaker of the baths changed my jobs to work there thinking that it was a dream job mind you it was in the late 70's. the life of ATTERCLIFFE was swinging with life in all area's the steel works the gipsy's camps all the back to back housing, all the gone now. cockroach's used to go from the grayhound pub to the baths for the warmth god the thought of them things still cant walk about in the dark now
  13. l don't have any problems, l was only making a comparison of sort. Just like to see new law's in place, to sore out a few loop hole's to stop this sort of thing. And she may have all the responsibility in the the with the hand out she gets.
  14. there is nothing clever about it, it all about management. if the money was not there there the patter of tiny feet wont not be l bet.Alot of thing have got this county on the brink this problem is just one. at the moment it OAP's and the ill,the government are picking on. And yes before you start l was from a big family going around with a bag after the coal man had been for the bits he had dropped. now it who gets to the Coop for the "sell by's" for that day and it the well dressed and poor just alike go
  15. yes your right but under governments past and present,the child benefits moves goal posts if my mother managed getting it for only the first one in the 50/60 then changing again and again. I would like to see to capped a three children if you work your bring up your own kids and get the child allowance no problem, but when should a family just have children and expect the state to support them. and yes l do know family's who the main earner lost their job but still went onto have another child. take the support away and people would rethink and plan better. we are going to be a nation of barefoot kids eating scrag ends
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