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  1. Wow. Rockets?? they don't even have enough food or drink to survive on. There is hardly any medical air there and your talking about them having rockets?? where are they meant to get rockets from?
  2. Aggressors?? in what way are they 'aggressors' why should Palestinian people not have the right to leave in peace? how would you feel if you lost your family? you children, wife, parents, friends, relatives? how would you feel? The Palestinian people have no weapons what so ever apart from sticks and stones. Which child would be armed with bombs guns etc? why are they being killed? this is a genocide. Please may you state your 'facts' which we apparently have no idea about.
  3. Hi all, just to let you know there will be a protest tomorrow (Saturday) 12 noon outside town hall in Sheffield. The purpose of this protest is to stand for the children of Palestine who are killed every minute by Zionists in Palestine. We all know this is not a war it is a genocide. Please join the protest as this is not about religion its about humanity. Thankyou
  4. dont know every brand they have but worth going to have a look for they have a load of clothing, shoes, toys and bags etc. plus their cheap
  5. they have a varieity of different brands
  6. yes it would matter becouse fake clothing doesnt last long
  7. oh thanks becouse i bought a jacket from there today and didn't really know if it was a fake or not
  8. Just Wondering, Do TK MAXX Sell fake goods and brands such as Ralph Lauren, Ed hardy? Can someone let me know please? Thanks
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