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  1. Oh ! Now I remember who you are. Because it was soon after that you actually came online and did not side with what I thought was a more common sense thread. Because I did not take your side in that particular argument. You then threw your anger onto another thread. I remember who you are now. Quite weird that is.
  2. You see. I do not try to drug myself. I feel all the emotions as I read those comments and let it wash over me, even though it angers me so much. Yes, this is my suffering and I react to it. Even though some people think that this is wrong, when in reality, I am reacting to their words. Their ideas, in their own minds. Even when I do not know them. They do not see their impact on others, and they do not see themselves through the eyes of many others either. ---------- Post added 10-04-2014 at 00:48 ---------- To be honest. I do not trust you. Simple. now you are asking for validation from others than to actually accept the fact that I do not find you honorable, and nor do I trust you. End of.
  3. Thank you for coming online. Some men do not believe this though. It is as if they think that this is wanted even on the side of the women who end up choosing to do this. I know you know that there is a big difference between "need" to that of "want". I am not so sure if the menfolks here actually get this. Most women I know want to be wanted by one man. It takes a lot of emotional power and so forth to suppress that and do what they do. It is not all that natural either to the woman. They are supporting the idea of a woman going against her desire to be with a loving man of her own choice and do what she does ? I don't get why they seem to think this! I actually do think that there is a need actually. If a man is without sex, or without a partner to be emotionally connected to. Something happens to him psychologically. He may not feel as grounded and nor will he actually feel like he has a big purpose in life either. That is why you will see more men actually want this than not to support this. I read an article once before in the past regarding sexual relationships and the type that it exists. There is a difference between aggressive sex to that of a loving relationship and sex within the realm of that. By offering this kind of sexual service, I fear that it will damage the guys more than they think it will. Cos they fail to see beyond the simple need which has not been met for a long time to that of what they personally dream and desire of. e.g. a committed monogamous relationship. Most you may find will just displace it onto something else. Rather than to actually acknowledge a relationship and its emotional and psychological effect that it has on himself. It kind of worries me that there is a demand for this kind of thing in a Western developed country like the UK. Because it means that there is an awful lot of unfulfilled men in this country, and they do not know how to go about securing a steady and committed relationship at all. Also at the same time, they are not aware of their own behaviours, and that they may think they still need to "compete" aggressively, and is unable to acknowledge the need to focus and yet to also protect. There should not be a need and a demand to begin with. The fact that there is, and the fact that people are now more socially mobile, and cannot find a partner to settle down with is possibly half the problem to begin with. As well as many others do not support one another, and people do not actually live and build communities any more, find work, and build up big network all attribute to this kind of "pic n mix" lifestyle. The increasing number of dating sites is reducing the amount of this behaviour from happening.
  4. And you are following me ? Why are you doing that ? Yet you seem to be angst when I did not take your bait and offer of trust even after you told me that I am deluded ?? So you actually "slated me personally" and expect me to trust you publically ? Are you off your mind ? Don't talk to me about "freedom" and expressions and concerns and so forth, when in reality you do not talk the talk and walk the walk. So save me your "lines". You are "offering" ? If you wanted to help me then you should've done things differently but you did not. You did not choose to do that. That speaks volume in itself. Just as much as you brought up that Female Mutiliation subject. some things do not need to be said to be understood. If you had any ounce of EQ and understanding, then you would not have participated either. If you know them and that they trust what you say then obviously not. What have you done to gain their trust to begin with ? Or you would have offered them jobs so that they can look after themselves, and not point out the obvious and say "Hey, that is a hole. Did you know?" AND ? Stupid person will say: "Hey, that is a hole." A wise person will say: "Hey, I saw some job adverts here before. Are you looking for a job?" As I said, a lot of talk, and BS in the current world and not a lot of decent and wise people. As you said, it is free will isn't it ? Their choice. You are the person who mentioned "honor". I do no see it. As I do not see that you have that to be honest. Especially after you slated me to begin with and then expect me to be co-erced and believe what you say. Oh my goodness, the race card is out. That did not take long. Gosh, I realised something, you are a moron. Maybe you do not have compassion. Even when I showed you those articles by that woman, you then failed to actually agree that it is actually a bad thing. EVEN when others WRITE and say that it IS bad, you still fail to accept and acknowledge that it IS bad. Yet you asked me to accept you as a honorable person when those simple things are said and done and others actually is self aware and admit that it was a bad thing to have done on her own behalf. I actually applaud her for being so brave to say that in that forum. Because you could not see it from the female's perspective, such that, you will and do target people like myself for speaking out ?? Oh my God !
  5. Do you support people who use drugs, and do you use drug yourself ?
  6. I quoted the paragraph whereby a young woman shared with us her story and that she was sick and disgusted even when she did it. She shared this information with everyone else on that site Mum's net. Womenfolk knows that this is not good. We know that. She knows that. Don't you know it ??? It will break you. It broke her. She acted out afterwards. Psychologically is not good. Emotionally it is not good. You are trying to tell me that you would not actually try and persuade someone not to do something like that and let them actually be in that situation which break themselves ? I am not going to give sympathies for the men. They know. They know it is wrong. By now, as adults, they should know what loneliness means, and what it means to be in a relationship. What is lust. What is love. What is sex. What is love. If they do not know, then there is something wrong with that. ---------- Post added 09-04-2014 at 23:36 ---------- When the drugs die out, and when it comes out of your system. When you see those who you drugged, and those who you drugged and then they did bad things in the name of your drugs. God help you. Really. God help you. I never expect to walk into a Sheffield drugs baron online.
  7. This speaks volume. If women can have a higher IQ and enter into debates, then why do men cannot extend that sympathy, man up, and see women as emotive and NOT go for prostitutes regardless ? If you do not support prostitution then it means that the demand do not exist, and that there shall be women freed everywhere in this world. It is that simple. Women folk know what loneliness means, and if you remove the need to find a proper relationship and push men and women into actual isolation and force them into this kind of thing then there is nothing left of humanity. As I said, "I am alright Jack". Your voice speaks volume upon volume. At the end of the day, your words travel and it affect others than it affects you. You do not see the power of words. Maybe others do, but you do not. You couldn't even tell when I got upset to when I have not gotten upset and is trying to fight. Then I get called deluded ? That is very astute of you. Then you ask me to trust you ?
  8. When you see somebody suffering, then what do you do ? One would stop that suffering for them. Even when some people tell you of their regrets or of their own deep suffering, then what do you do ? A decent and honorable person would then offer them opportunities and a way forward. No, some people here actually do not listen to their own neighbors and actually advices that this to be continued, even when it is openly, blatantly obvious that these women do NOT enjoy this. Yet, others say that they enjoy this and need to, and see no problem with it. For many others, and if we are women folk, then we would ask them not to do that and find and help them find another method to make money or to find work. That is what being compassionate means. Not to see someone walking towards a hole, you see it, do not comment, and then let them drop into the hole. That is not compassion. You know, somebody once mentioned this phrase towards me. That I have an issue seeing the big picture and say what I like and not to listen to them. I laughed. I also now realised that you as a man, do not listen to women, or to be able to find and understand how to protect themselves. Instead, you openly "ask" me not to do something. But you failed to also protect me to begin with because you fail to see what the issue here is about. If you were a decent man, then you would have fought for what is right. But you don't. You do not fight those who actually advocated prostitution cos you do not see what is wrong with it to begin with. Where is your own empathy ? As someone recently said, a woman's happiness is to find a man that can offer her this happiness. For a man, a man's happiness is to find a woman who can be loyal and stick around and be his partner for life. So you are saying that you wish to deny a man, or a woman of this in their own life time ? You would wish to encourage their own disillusion and actually advocate this ? Sorry, you do disappoint me.
  9. So you are okay Jack. I see. Yet you are okay Jack, but you still say that you have decent moral values ? (That would also include "love thy neighbour" ?) That makes a lot of sense. So you are so open and so "honest" that you have decided to tell me that you built your own drug supply-chain with your friends ? Oh, I see. That is upmost honorable of you to say so.
  10. Really ? Well, you sure pick and challenge the wrong kind of threads. That thread is about women. This thread is about men. Do you see the difference here? It was that thread which some people actually and deliberately push out the female writers. I actually had a break down that night I read that Female Mutilation Thread. I did. I actually cried so much. You have no idea. I actually expressed this openly, and then I got further antagonism. I talked to my bf about that, and he said to best avoid that. It really made me cringed to the heart, and I read it in a way which actually made me feel physically sick? I couldn't take that. If I was younger and I read and saw how adults behaved that way. I would probably become more cynical, and will possibly want to kill myself. Especially if those kind of threads exist day in day out. I pleaded the mod to remove that. They did not. I then got harassed in the most immoral wrong way for even voicing my disgust. I then got called "sensitive" remember ? Some people then objectified the situation and gave me some nasty names, don't you remember ? They then used horrible female genitalia parts to throw back the argument in my face. I called them hyenas, cos they were indeed acting very very how to say, feral. Some women gentified the existing men who wrote about that. Some then said that they shouldn't have their "voice" stopped. Well, I am asking you, why is my voice being stopped right now ? Why are people not actually stop women being actually manipulated and actually groomed into this kind of disgusting industry ? Those same people then can openly say that "there is nothing wrong". I wanted to say that they should not superb!tch about something which obviously affect other people so much that it is so bad for any bystanders to see and read. If they are not the people who is actually injured, then they should not speak as if this is a way for them to act out so vocally. In truth, I wanted them to stop talking about that disgusting subject. If you were a woman and you see people acting so socially inappropiate wouldn't you actually act out and stand up and say something ? Those same people state that they are standing for others. Who ? Who are they standing up for ?? If they respected me, then they would have stopped doing that. But they didn't. They couldn't bring that respect back to some form of normality. They do not know that boundary and nor do they care. Why should you care ? If you cared, then you would not have written what you did. You state this, but I hardly know you and you continue to also harass me too same with the others. I do not see that as the way to go. To me you are not. Cos if you are, you would've done this much more diplomatically than you had done. Sorry to say this to you, but that is the truth. If you were concerned, than you would have stood up for what is morally right. But you have not. You could not place yourself in the situation of those poor women, and nor could you actually put yourself in the situation of these women that this thread is talking of either.
  11. ? ? ?? ? ? Why isn't anyone talking about prostitution, drugs, and the fact that it exists and it brings people down ? Do you guys like skating ?
  12. I really admire these ladies for being so frank and open. In Confucianism: Mind = Heart = Body = Moral Values. Don't tell me that just because some people "say" things on the internet automatically means that the action that they lead in their own life makes them moral. Don't say that just because others say that they are moral, that they are moral. It needs to be backed up by actions too. If you are out of sync in what you say and what you do, and your intention is not what it is achieving, then what are you doing ? Even the girl above cannot handle what she did. She felt physically sick, but she did not tell anybody. She pushed herself to do something which she did not wanted to do. That is making her out of sync with herself physically and spiritually. Then this pushed her hedonism to a large extent and that made her life what it was until she came to the realisation of the original trigger. She still has to live with this in her life. It does not go away.
  13. Yes, I have been to Amsterdam 3 times. I have not been to a show, and I have not smoked. Was it tempting and did it tempt my curiosity? I must admit that it did. Am I glad that I never did it ? YES ! Am I much "cleaner" in my mind and spirit these days ? Yes. I also cut out clubbing music, and I also cut out trance music which I was influenced in when I went to university here. I also now in hindsight can see the hedonism, and the bullying and the kind of fighting which goes on amongst people, and I never stepped in either. Maybe because I am getting old now. Old enough to be someone's mother that I truly see the world in that fearful and realistic way. That kind of perception and that protective and want it to be better, kind of way. Hey, we all have to stop running and count our blessings sometime. Do the right things. And throw out the bad things. I am not "struggling" as you so say. My eyes obviously can turn blind if I so wish, but I do not wish to. Just because some women choose to keep their mouth shut and not express their own mind in case they themselves get changed by the experience does not mean that we should not speak out entirely even when we see something so obviously as wrong. There is only so much diplomacy that one can indeed hold until the breaking point comes and that one has to stand strong. For the next generation. Did you read this mumsnet thread? I am curious. http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/guest_posts/a1982419-Amnestys-proposal-to-legalise-prostitution-is-wrong-we-cant-let-men-who-exploit-women-off-the-hook
  14. Thanks for posting this. I am listening to this now. I actually think that the men actually is really seeing this wrongly. I did cringe at this. Cos in a way, they are kind of entering this "voyeurism" into the idea of human emotions aren't they ? I do wonder if they would turn out this way if they were actually brought up in a different way. Meaning that they are brought up in a more empathetic environment, and not pressurised for themselves to now displace this kind of hidden emotion into this "service" which they call. I personally believe that men can have emotions, and they can also have traumas also with others. Especially in the day to day work which they held inside of them. The male prostitute is comparing his industry to that of the food industry ? Oh my God. For a First World Country, we are actually very very stupid, and foolish. "My nieces and nephew thinks it is okay." "My Mother would not understand."
  15. Ooooh. You fell from grace already and now want to throw your own inner built in angst and would actually drag others down with you. So this is your way of "helping" me ? Oh I see. Sorry. No. I do not buy it. Did you not read? I wrote I am a Taoist. I asked if you have been to church. People can talk a lot of talk, but truly, I wonder if you ever reflect on what you say and write ? did you genuinely read that article about the 11 year old in Sheffield. Who was manipulated and then trafficked into the seedy industry ? Because if you did, would that article not trigger an ounce of father instinct or a protective instinct from within yourself at all ? It should. I do worry if it does not. Because you fuel that demand of the same industry which she got dragged into. Maybe there are hopes for you yet if you reject this kind of seediness, and do not even support it !
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