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  1. Apparently the promoters of this event are not beyond a spot of scalping themselves And it's not just Jacko ripping people off
  2. No it's not. A church wedding is religious but if you have a civil marriage ceremony carried out in a registry office, hotel or (in the case of two lovely friends of mine) the stage of the Crucible any mention of the Big G and his kid is strictly verboten.
  3. Happy Birthday Mr Taxman :banana::banana:
  4. Hey hey!!! Happy Birthday Kristian. Have a banana-tastic day :banana::banana: :banana:
  5. I'm emigrating to New Zealand with OH hopefully before the end of the year if I get all my visa paperwork sorted. There's loads of stuff I'll miss about Sheff (mainly people) but it'll be a great big adventure and it feels like exactly the right thing to be doing.
  6. um...well, she inspired at least two great songs Hefner - The Day That Thatcher Dies She was quite the muse in her day
  7. He did very well with his baiting Mr BusDriver - you truly are a master baiter
  8. There's an even more logical explanation of course - the meat came from an animal which was actually Allah! He'd obviously come to Earth as a holy cow (or sheep or hamster or whatever it was the meat came from) ready to give us the secrets of the universe via some kind of mystical moo (or baa or hamster noise) only to find himself slaughtered and chucked in a frying pan. Well done Islamic Scholars - you've only gone and munched your own deity!
  9. I'd like one of a boot stamping on a human face forever. I think I may have got out of bed the wrong side this morning, I usually go for butterflies fluttering through a meadow full of flowers.
  10. Everyday it's a-gettin' closer Goin' faster than a roller coaster B Holly
  11. That's just the kind of namby-pamby "live and let live" nonsense I'd expect from a Buzzcockian. Followers of the Orange Juice way tend to adopt more of a "kill-'em-all" attitude. ...actually, your post made massive amounts of sense so perhaps I'm a bit less of a Scottish Indiepop Fundamentalist than I thought. From now on I shall kneel at the altar of Shelley and Devoto (ooh, you Buzzocks lot get two gods for the price of one, what fun!)
  12. Ah, but is it not written in the Torah that blessed is he who has the seven inch of Falling and Laughing by Orange Juice?
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