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  1. I watched it and enjoyed it. It was very 'wow, that was a bit weird' especially with the chicken leg scene. But I liked how original it was in the fact it pushed boundaries and played with the audiences expectations.
  2. haha I wouldn't blame them for shooting me.
  3. Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it in the end
  4. 'and far too many shots that went on too far as far as the story went.' Not a clue what that sentence means, please elaborate? and he is a good actor, I've had dozens of compliments of choosing him for the role, so maybe it's just your views that people with a different hair colour aren't as good at something...
  5. Does anyone else have any input?
  6. Haha ok I'll try to keep improving every shoot.
  7. hahaha good point. Enjoyable read, thanks.
  8. Anyone got any feedback please?
  9. I've got a couple on PM's about stuff like lenses. I may as well just answer them in here so everyone can read. I used a 21mm, 50mm and 85mm for the shoot.
  10. Has anyone got any questions in regards to equipment/shooting/camerawork etc?
  11. Thanks Yeah it looks terrible when you try things that obviously wont work. I really appreciate your feedback. The research into everything from signals and guns/ S.W.A.T techniques took me a couple months but the actual shoot was maybe 6-8 hours. Thanks! Haha yeah, it was meant to be a bit OTT. Yeah I used dedo 3 point light kits for the indoor shots but due to the style I was going for of desaturating it a lot, the lighting isn't as noticeable. Thank you a lot!
  12. I'm glad you liked Thank you!
  13. Regardless of your views it's nice that you still commented on the good and bad points The intention of the sketch wasn't to give the impression it's okay though. The idea behind it is more about the leader and his behaviour and understanding of situations. I personally think more than the aspect of the downloading it's more about how he responds to the situation.
  14. Thank you very much I'll be making sketches regularly and may in the future make the internet assault squad a series depending on the feedback.
  15. Hahah yeah I love how he runs like a penguin Thank you!
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