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  1. Does that mean I can't drive over a pedestrian crossing even if there are no pedestrians about to cross. ---------- Post added 29-03-2018 at 15:10 ---------- There's some Flat Earth Society cyclists on this thread, you can spot them a mile off.
  2. I appealed my fine and got it quashed anybody else do the same. The appeal court said the bus lane should not have been in operation.
  3. Has anybody had bad side effects after keyhole surgery to remove gall bladder
  4. Anybody fished Lindrick Dale Lakes since it reopened looks a bit basic from the web photos
  5. I lived on Kelvin Flats early 70s and played football for Halfpenny pub we use to train on Ponderosa anybody out there did same?
  6. We had a nice couple of days at Grange Farm at Maltby-le-Marsh near Mablethorpe nice digs free fishing for residents no day tickets nice brekky and close to Mablethorpe for drinkies later.Grange Farm Park • Maltby-Le-Marsh • Alford • Lincolnshire • LN13 0JP
  7. We go to Woodlands Fishery in Spilsby and stay at The Red Lion at Partney. Great fishing at Woodlands only 5mins to Red Lion in Partney
  8. belligerence can you not remember Blunkett and his looney lefties who put this city with his Peoples Republic of South Yorkshire nonsense back 20 years. Who in their right minds would have invested anything in a city run by idiots like them.
  9. Thank God Blunkett isn't in charge anymore he would have farted on it big time.
  10. I can remember when there were two "curfew" times when OAP passes could not be used. From start of service to 0930 then from 1530 to 1800 if the OAPs missed the 1530 "curfew" they had to wonder round town till 1800.
  11. Thanks for your interest Ghozer but I can't get internet on my phone all I've ever used it for was texting phoning and photos friends and family, what does intrigue me is in the competitions I am supposed to have been entered into every week since March never got any results or knew what kind of competitions they were.
  12. Thanks Mikes I'll have a look at them when I get back tonight.
  13. Has anyone been a victim of the thisilike scam. they somehow convince your phone provider with details that you have joined a weekly competition costing £4.50 a week and they add it to your phone bill. If you get a text from these people reminding you of the charges, do not ignore this as I did you must text stop to 66299. I ignored it as I had checked my bank account and could not find the amount on my statement only to find that since March they have added it to my mobile phone bill.
  14. It works both ways JFK I do not agree with your opinion but I would give my life for your right to say it
  15. Nothing wrong with your maths JFK the facts are a bit out though we were still dealing with insurgents when my tour ended in 66.
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