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  1. Bought their album on eBay yesterday. You can hear them on youtube.
  2. Anyone remember Andy Proudlove.
  3. A Dutch newspaper called De Groene Amsterdammer did an article on the Stocksbridge steel workers involved in the strike, can anyone remember, has anyone got this article.
  4. Thanks Jim, looks like it was 75 I remember going on the train great day out. 1972 for Huddersfield went on the coach we had the coach Windows bricked on the way home.
  5. Not a thread about this Sunday but a previous game in the early\mid 70s, Can anyone remember this match, I went but can't remember when it was, there was a match in 1970 but that seems unlikely as I would only have been 13yrs old but the 3-1 score is about right, I thought it was about 73 any info anyone. My first away match was at Huddersfield which was before can't find info on that also.
  6. Jimi saville in a time machine, now, then,now, then.
  7. Was it Wildgoose during the fireman's strike, the names Tommy and Mick spring to mind.
  8. Forest fans down here over the moon that we will be beating Derby at Wembley, WAWAW.
  9. Great draw, can any one tell me when the tickets go on sale.
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27871976
  11. Oh Oh Oh he's magic, you'll never get past Miguel Llera.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_p53AgGnko
  13. sufc, second hand cricket team, second hand football team, second hand ground, second hand nickname, and second hand insults, If I was red and white I would look to the monkey for insults, much more original, and would give us Wed's fans a real guffaw.
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