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  1. Are there any? I'm talking open until 6/7AM. Cheers
  2. Hi all, Where can I get a good BIG steak in Sheffield? I'm talking 30-35oz here though.... (For the record and my pride, I'm 6 foot and 12 and a half stone, not a fatty but just really enjoy a massive steak.) Thanks in advance.
  3. someone take a dump on his car bonnet....
  4. cheers for the tips... and to those sarcastic c**ts at the top, **** you
  5. people really need to spend less time complaining about pathetic things like this and get on with life. there are much, MUCH more important things. this sort of thing would only annoy one with no life.
  6. Well I'm finding lovely places but every time I call to arrange a viewing it seems that all they say is ,"it's gone". usefull.... I'm looking for a 2 bedroom furnished £600-£700 flat in city centre
  7. thanks for all the help guys. you'll be happy to know i was eventually successful in securing a good role for a decent wage. now to find somewhere to live.........
  8. Gonna cut to the chase.... where's the all night house music clubs ?
  9. thank you for your help. i will try out these places and see what i can find.
  10. Sorry, I didn't realise I could be so specific. I'm a .NET developer (desktop side rather than websites, although I would be willing to move into web should the right training be provided. I am capable of writing websites and have done in the past). I have been learning C#.NET for about a year now and using VB for about 3 years. Operating systems would be limited to programming in Windows at the moment.
  11. Hi all, I am currently looking to relocate to Sheffield (from Leicester) ASAP but I really want to get a job in the area before I do. I am currently in IT development and would say I was junior to mid-level. There suddenly seems to be a severe lack of jobs around on the ususal jobsites, totaljobs, etc.... and when there are jobs, they all seem to be senior roles. I was wondering if there were any companies that would be worth directly applying to. I just don't know where to look at the moment as I really don't know Sheffield or the surrounding areas well at all. THanks for any help, really appreciated!!
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