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  1. I have privately in boxed you, not too sure how it works but hope you get it. Annette ---------- Post added 03-09-2017 at 16:11 ---------- I'm 63 nearly 64 by the way
  2. Hi, just seen this. Not wanting to alarm you, but is Stephen about 67 years old middle name Howard and have a brother called Terence Gordon will be about 70ish now and mother called Sylvia? Thanks Annette.
  3. I am still interested. I'm trying to find the company that my mother Sylvia Booth nee Housley worked at as a scissor dresser in 1951/2. She lived on Wentworth Street. Also looking for George Hudson he will possibly be in his 80's now.
  4. Looking for Terence Gordon Booth or Stephen Howard Booth. Both lived at Wentworth street in 1953 AGED 5 and 3 in 1953. Mother Sylvia Booth father Gordon Booth Any help on a school they attended or where they are now would be appreciated.
  5. Hi did your granddad have any help IE: 'scissor dresser' as that was what my mum was.
  6. Was anyone born in Nether Edge hospital around 1953?
  7. Anyone go to St Stephens school in Sheffield in 1942 give or take a year either side, With a Sylvia Housley?
  8. The spelling I have is Fawcett.
  9. When Wentworth street was demolished who went to live on Ironside road?
  10. Could be Gleedless Gleeless, Gleeglass, I guess any will be ok. I'm in the dark as to the spelling. Just trying to find out where Wentworth Street residents were sent, when the houses were demolished.
  11. When Wentworth Street was demolished does anyone know if a family called 'Booth' were moved there?
  12. Anyone live at number 53 Fawcett Street or near there in 1947? The number could be 63. Or anyone live at or near 19 Powell Street in 1947?
  13. Thanks for looking. I'll keep trying.
  14. The mother was Sylvia nee Housley. 19 years old in 1947 lived at 19 Powell Street. Father Leonard Housley. She was a scissor dresser. Married Gordon Booth. 22 years old in 1947. He was a bus conductor. His fathers name Walter Booth. lorry driver. Lived at 53, Fawcett street. Married at St George with St Stephen Sheffield 1947. There is also a Rita Stevens/ Stevins or it could be 'flechins' or someting else, can't read the signature properly. that was a witness as the marriage. Sylivia went to St Stevens School in Sheffield, until age 14. She had 2 boys Terence Gordan Booth 5 in 1953 and Stephen Howard Booth 3 in 1953. Then a girl born at Netheredge Hospital in 1953. I have no idea where they went when Wentworth Street was demolished.
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