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  1. Jozafeen

    Grand Designs - Oughtibridge.

    This needs a 'like' button - great news! Had a look at the mill pond when local artist Mo Laycock had an open gallery day and, even when it was still neglected, amazing to see kingfishers and other wildlife.
  2. Jozafeen

    Grand Designs - Oughtibridge.

    Four 'contemporary' homes on the site of the old truck sheds - http://www.markjenkinson.co.uk/assets/auctionfiles/108/1076/2.pdf
  3. Jozafeen

    Rave at Rivelin Valley AGAIN

    So loud in Oughtibridge since early afternoon and very annoying now.
  4. Jozafeen

    Low flying plane S10 (WW2?)

    The Tiger Moth regularly flies over Oughtibridge - I love watching it! It's one of the Blue Eye Aviation vintage flight experience planes.
  5. Jozafeen

    Low flying plane S10 (WW2?)

    So glad there's finally a thread about this - I thought I was going a bit daft when I saw them fly incredibly low over Oughtibridge and none of my friends or neighbours saw them! It seems they were Boeing C17 Globemaster transport planes - the UK and US airforces are using them to bring stuff back from Camp Bastion.
  6. Bettacare do a tall pet gate - it's the only thing that stops our bouncy afghan hounds getting upstairs! http://www.bettacare.co.uk/acatalog/Child___Pet_Gate.html
  7. Jozafeen

    Jaguar x type Diesel fuel problems

    Sounds like it might be cheaper in the long run if you go to a Jaguar specialist as the bills soon tot up if your mechanic is being a bit "might be" about the fault. Prestige are brilliant and a lot cheaper than Hatfields -http://www.sheffieldprestige.co.uk/
  8. Jozafeen

    Tesco at oughtibridge

    St Christopher's put planning in for flats a few years ago and that didn't succeed so now they want to sell out to Tesco. No thanks! It'll kill the local shops stone dead and make Ooty less villagelike.
  9. Jozafeen

    Sheff storm 8/8

    Anyone driving on Low Road at Oughtibridge, take it slowly as it's flooded right across now and there's a car conked out on there due to going too fast.
  10. Jozafeen

    Sheff storm 8/8

    Centre of Oughtibridge chaotic at the moment as the crossroads is flooded. Manhole covers jetting water and motorists ignoring the traffic lights at the bridge roadworks, meaning drivers coming into the roadworks from Jawbone Hill might face unexpected oncoming traffic. Hopefully it'll clear soon but the people repairing the bridge are doing a brilliant job guiding cars around the deepest water and manhole covers at the moment!
  11. Jozafeen

    Shouting butcher on the Moor!

    As a regular customer of John Crawshaws (Hillsborough and Stocksbridge), I was a bit confused when I saw what was being sold in the shop on The Moor. I asked about them in the Stocksbridge shop and, apparently, it's a totally different company based in Nottinghamshire - more of a retail chain with 20 stores, hence the ability to bulk buy meat from abroad and sell at lower prices instead of locally-sourced produce.
  12. Jozafeen

    Anyone into film?

    Thanks for posting those links CletePurcel - very inspiring! After passing a couple of my old Minolta 7000 bodies on to a friend who is getting into film photography, I thought I'd buy some film and use my two Dynax SLRs again. I'm hooked and use them as much as my DSLR kit now. I like the discipline of having a limited number of shots, the thought that goes into the composition and camera settings, and the suspense of not getting instant results. Pleased to hear I'm not alone in being a fan of 'old tech'!
  13. Jozafeen

    Anyone heard of Atlas Editions?

    They count as unsolicited goods so hope this link helps! Citizens advice - Unsolicited Goods
  14. Jozafeen

    Re-dye two pairs of jeans

    Dylon Renovator is made especially to restore faded jeans and is dead easy to use. You can get it in larger branches of Asda, Wilko and online.
  15. Jozafeen

    Has Hendersons Relish changed?

    The Shepherd's Purse in Whitby sells it. Had to buy an emergency bottle when I was on holiday up there a couple of weeks ago

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