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  1. Hi Where would you recommend tonhave ears pierced in Sheffield city centre? Also which is better gun or needle? Thanks
  2. Hi We are looking for a function room with bar to hold a party preferably close to town centre and guests will be coming from both north and south of Sheffield. Ideally free of charge as guests will be spending plenty on alcohol! Or even open to paying for a buffet and getting room hire free. Will be mainly adults but will need to be family friendly as a few kids will also be attending. Any ideas much appreciated! Thanks
  3. There was not a good distance between us when they started to cross or I would not have thought anything of it. It's not surprising that so many accidents happen when people are careless and people are soon to judge the driver..... Rant over
  4. I was driving down past the arena today and a group of people with small children were stood at crossing as I drove down the hill traffic lights on green almost at the crossing the group proceeded to run across the road dragging the small children across in front of me forcing me to brake harshly all for the sake of them saving 10 seconds waiting for me to pass? Or the lights to change? Do people lack common sense? Risking not only their lives but those of the children.
  5. We are looking into having laminate flooring in our living room, however there are so many options and places to shop at, I'm not sure where to start and which would be best, anyone have any suggestions or advice? Thanks in advance!
  6. Anyone any idea what is with all the traffic? Been queuing for about half an hour and traffic is queuing at all junctions?
  7. Does anyone know what's happening with the mossbrook? On the website it simply says it is no longer a vintage inn pub and will be reopening at the end of August?
  8. We are looking at these areas to buy a house and just wondered about peoples experiences and opinions on which areas are bes today and which to avoid? Any help much appreciated!
  9. The clues in the name, does anyone know if there are any stockists in Sheffield of Tiffany and Co? I know there is a website so no sarcy comments about ordering from online as its something which needs to be tried on first. Thanks!
  10. How about somewhere for a meal in the peak district?
  11. Yes It was vision 2 learn, are there any fees if you are employed and simply wanting to expand your qualifications?
  12. I am signed up to receive job alerts from a few websites however I have had a few emails recently offering free online courses in i.t. business and administration, equality and diversity and customer service. These offers say they are eligible for people over 19, employed or unemployed with access to a pc and EU resident for 3 years +. Just wondered if anyone had done any of these and if they were genuinely free or some hidden fees? Didn't want to put the name of the company offering them on as I didn't know if this was allowed? Any knowledge would be great =)
  13. You might want to read the thread that was on here not long ago about the poor service and quality of food =/
  14. Try The travellers at Ecclesfield, Fish and Chips very good.
  15. Does anyone know where i can get my dissertation bound in sheffield? Preferably somewhere not too expensive Thanks
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